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Seattle Businesses Use “Eco-Blocks” to Prevent Return of Encampments

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Following Up

It’s unclear if @MayorofSeattle will have a plan to prevent campers from returning after these encampment clearings in Seattle. But in some spots, we are already seeing more biz owners bring in planters and concrete blocks. Happened a few days ago in Little Saigon.

Not Allowed

@seattledot keeps saying anyone caught putting these blocks down on a public street or sidewalk could he fined $2K. But so far, only warnings. At this point, many biz owners and neighbors say they’re willing to take chance, rather than see tents or RV’s return.

Block Party

Georgetown RV enforcement/clean up aftermath from last week. Biz’s now busting out “eco-blocks” at 7th/Fidalgo until city leaders address: How do you prevent campers from returning to same spot and what happens if they do? Btw shelter/services offered to everyone.

Last Week It Was a Mess

Still All Clear

Just checked it out this afternoon. Area near 7th and Fidalgo in Georgetown looks good after last weeks clearing by city. But neighbors say some RV’s have moved a few blocks away, now set up on another street. Tough cycle.