West Seattle Sweep
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One of the Largest Cleanups of the Year Underway in West Seattle

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Still Happening Now

Easily one of the largest RV/vehicle/tent encampment clean ups in city this year. All going down on SW Andover St. next to West Seattle Health Club. Authorities have responded to multiple shootings, fires, reports of crimes associated with this encampment.

Another Vantage Point

This encampment along SW Andover St. in West Seattle stretches around the corner. This is by far the longest encampment made up of tents/RV’s/vehicles I have ever seen in the city. It keeps going into the residential neighborhoods and nearby park.

Statement from West Seattle Health Club

Many staff and members say they have been dealing with the brunt of problems associated with the encampment. But also say they want to make sure these campers get the help and support they need. Also say staying parked here was not an option.