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Cleanup at Tashkent Park

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Capitol Hill in #Seattle is full of mini parks like Tashkent, nestled between apts and condos. But it’s also where several problematic homeless encampments are thriving. After multiple neighbor complaints, the city could be taking action. Stay tuned.

Walk in the Park

Tashkent is relatively quiet during the day. But neighbors say at night, that’s when many problems emerge. Not to mention all the trash building up near the tents. Otherwise, it is a magnificent green space in the city. #Seattle

Cleared Before

Neighbors say Tashkent is caught in a rinse repeat cycle. It’s been cleared many times. But the homeless always come back to set up shop. #Seattle

Another #Seattle homeless encampment sweep. This time at Tashkent Park. That’s at least 5 now in the city this past week. Neighbors once again applauding @MayorofSeattle but hoping there is a plan to keep campers away. This park has been cleared multiple times before.