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Homeless encampment at Peoples Park, a historic site of political activism
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Massive Clean Up at Woodland Park

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Eve of Massive Sweep

Tuesday morning, Woodland Park will finally be cleared. Campers are scrambling to leave with help of outreach workers. This may be largest homeless encampment sweep under @MayorofSeattle. Area so massive, it is scheduled to happen over several days.

On the Move

@SeattleParks giving homeless campers rides out of Woodland Park today before Tuesday’s sweep. Several gracious campers spoke to me about their next steps. Several people like “Cassandra” have found a place to stay with the help of city outreach workers. #Seattle

Not Again

Earlier today, I was at Woodland Park trying to document this sprawling homeless encampment before it’s cleared. Out of nowhere comes this far left activist with “Stop the Sweeps Seattle.” She’s a regular and has interfered with @SeattleParks crews as well.

One of My Favorites

I met “Troy” last year. He built this amazing shack and has lived in Woodland Park for more than two years. But he’s ready to leave this lifestyle behind. Listen to his parting thoughts as he prepares to move on before Tuesday’s sweep.

Jolly Green Giant

Another new guy I’ve never seen. Tall fella. Initially a bit menacing as he walked up to me out of the activist crowd. But he did not have the stamina to chase me around like the umbrella crew.