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Explosion sets Ballard Jack in the Box on Fire, “It’s Normalized Now” Say Residents

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Ballard Jack in the Box up in Flames

Homeless suspected of burning down part of Ballard @jackbox on Leary Way NW early Wednesday morning. Restaurant remains closed today. I saw worried workers in the parking lot trying to figure out next steps. This location remains problematic and is surrounded by multiple RV and tent encampments. @CMDanStrauss needs to focus on this part of his hood. It’s been cleared multiple times. @MayorofSeattle @GovInslee @kcexec @SeattleFire @CMTMosqueda @D5Juarez @SeattleCouncil @seattledot@KCCouncil #Seattle

How Long Will This Last?

On Thursday, 8th Ave NW and 6th Ave NW were clear of RV’s. I have not seen it like this for quite some time. But it’s a game a musical chairs. @Seattledot is enforcing the 72 hour rule and tickets are being issued for violators. But the vehicles keep moving around to other streets. And will likely return in a matter of days. Will keep you posted. #Seattle

So Many More

While all eyes are on Ballard Commons Park, neighbors say the other streets still need tons of attention. Tents and RV’s continue to pop up and move around. It truly is a whack a mole situation here because many of these same spots have also been cleared numerous times. But the chronically homeless keep coming back. Many folks in the RV’s also say they are not homeless since they consider vehicles shelter and have already rejected help from the city. No end in sight. I will be on the ground all day. Let me know if there are any more hot spots I need to highlight. #Seattle