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Journalist Jonathan Choe Punched While Covering Fentanyl Crisis in Seattle

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National Guard Time?

This is now the third weekend in a row I’ve been out to the downtown #Seattle core since Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) announced his Downtown Activation Plan and signed the Executive Order to address the fentanyl crisis.


3rd Ave & Pike street/ 12th Ave and Jackson St/ 3rd Ave & Cherry St/Westlake Park

Easily one of the worst weekends for open air drug use and the thriving black market of stolen goods. There were also more drug overdoses. This is all happening with construction projects in the area. But even that did not keep the addicts and dealers away. We haven’t hit the warm summer months in the city. Imagine how bad it’s going to be out here when tourism season truly begins. This area is in trouble and that’s an understatement. Still no sign of Councilmember Andrew Lewis (@CMAndrewJLewis)stepping up for his district during this challenging time. Walking the streets for the cameras would at least communicate that he cares. Still no timeline on when this all gets addressed. There was never any clear standard established for what success actually looked like. Hope WA state lawmakers fix that drug possession bill. No doubt decriminalizing drugs has fueled this crisis. Cartels know it’s open season in WA.

It’s A Free For All

Weekends are the worst in #Chinatown-ID. It’s a marginalized neighborhood dealing with an out of control drug scene at 12th Ave & Jackson St that’s come roaring back. But the black market of stolen goods is the real draw. #Seattle

Addicts Keep Moving Around

On Saturday and Sunday, I did not see police walking the streets as often. The drug addicts were congregating around Westlake Park, stealing power from the light posts. Watch how they by-pass the outlet covers. Might be time to get a new lock system. It’s literally a drain on the city. LOL. Councilmember Andrew Lewis (@CMAndrewJLewis) can’t keep up with this madness.

Overdose After Overdose

I always check on people if they are doing the “fentanyl fold” or just slumped over. This woman was totally knocked out in downtown #Seattle before first responders showed up.

Targeted Again

Dude came up from behind me and landed a sucker punch. Then he launched a bicycle in my direction. This is a new one. LOL. Some drug addicts and dealers do not want to be exposed. #Seattle