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RV Goes Up in Flames in Ballard

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Ballard RV Torched

Tuesday afternoon, flames erupted inside an RV parked right next to the abandoned Jack in the Box (@JackBox) on NW Leary Way. Not sure if there were any injuries. Unclear how it started. Ironically, the fast food restaurant was burned down just a few months ago by homeless squatters. This part of Councilmember Dan Strauss’ (@CMDanStrauss) district remains packed with tents and RV’s on nearly every block. How many more incidents until the city moves in? Seattle Department of Transportation (@seattledot) is playing whack a mole out here. Every 72 hours, the RV’s just move around and come right back. Is the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (@KingCoRHA) focused on Ballard?

Back in March

Homeless suspected of burning down part of Ballard @jackbox. This location remains problematic and is surrounded by multiple RV and tent encampments. #Seattle

Before, During, and After

Here’s another look at what’s left of that RV in Ballard that went up in flames Tuesday afternoon. This is a regular occurrence in #Seattle. @CMDanStrauss