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Seattle Overdoses Add up as Drug Use Legislation is Introduced

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Overdose After Overdose

This past weekend, I personally saw three people overdosing on drugs and then being revived by first responders in downtown #Seattle. I always check on people if they are doing the “fentanyl fold” or just slumped over. This woman was totally knocked out near @PiroshkyBakery. But once @SeattleFire arrived, they got her up without NARCAN. Drug overdoses happen multiple times a day in this American city. Why are we allowing this? When it comes to drug over dose deaths, Councilmember Sara Nelson (@cmsaranelson) says #Seattle has seen “a death toll rivaling that of Covid-19.” So where is the government intervention? Where are the mandates? Lockdowns? Just wondering. I think we need to continue this conversation.

Drug Bill

#Seattle City Attorney Ann Davison (@_Ann_Davison_) introduced legislation that would makes open air drug use a misdemeanor. But no guarantees it passes in the council.