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Seattle’s DESC Reveals Pitfalls of “Housing First”

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Where’s the Accountability?

@DESCSeattle properties remain a massive drain on #Seattle especially when city is already down officers. These units house formerly homeless, but do not require treatment for drug addiction or mental illness. This is the “HOUSING FIRST” model in action.

DESC Problems

#Seattle‘s first homicide of year on Jan. 2 happened inside CANADAY HOUSE. @DESCSeattle properties deal with high rates of complaints and 911 calls. Units house formerly homeless, drug addicts, and people struggling with mental health issues.

Complaints Stacking Up

Homeowners near @DESCSeattle’s Clement Place(“HOUSING FIRST”model) documented numerous problems caused by some residents. Fights, drugs, attempted burglary. Neighbors claim DESC building managers are ignoring them. #seattleicestorm

Downtown Disaster

City has cleared tents off 3rd Ave and Cherry St. near City Hall numerous time. Many here say they are NOT HOMELESS and live in nearby @DESCSeattle properties like the Morrison and Lyon buildings. No accountability. #Seattle

Supportive Housing

You are witnessing the “housing first” model in #Seattle. But places like Canaday House, Evans House, The Morrison, Lyon Building, and Clement Place deal with rash of neighbor complaints about drug use and other issues spilling into streets.