Fix Homelessness How to rebuild human lives

Caitlyn Axe


“Giving up and wanting to do whatever I wanted,” Drove this Woman to Homelessness in Portland

The Truth This homeless woman in Portland nails it. The subculture of the streets is alluring. Why be a working stiff when you can get everything for free, live without rules, and pay ZERO taxes? Video from: Kevin Dahlgren


Leftist Media Distort New Homelessness Study To Support Failed ‘Housing First’ Policies

Advocates of “Housing First” as the solution for homelessness are praising a new study that supposedly proves their case. The trouble is, the study — conducted by the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) — proves no such thing. Read More ›
Drug abuse with people sharing the same syringe
Drug abuse with people sharing the same syringe

‘Tranq’ Crisis Shows How Harm-Reduction Drug Policies Eat Americans Alive

The cultural pull not to stigmatize anything or anyone is misplaced, purchasing a momentary façade of autonomy at the cost of untold harm and suffering. Read More ›