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Youth Soccer Field Destroyed Next to Green River Encampment

The youth soccer field at North Green River Park is surrounded by majestic trees and breathtaking scenery. And on weekends, it’s usually packed with kids and families who depend on this field. Many come from underserved minority communities in Kent, Auburn, and other parts of King County.  Early Wednesday morning, Dean Aldridge of Valor Soccer says someone drove onto the field and caused more than $100,000 in damage doing donuts. “These fields serve our most economically challenged kids,” Aldridge tells me. Club officials say all weekend tournaments are now canceled and their season is effectively over. “To see it like this, it hurts my heart,” says Ray Johnson, Valor Director of Development. This is just the latest troubling incident along this stretch Read More ›


Without Cops on Patrol, Little Saigon Drug Use and Sale of Stolen Goods Come Back to Life

That Didn’t Take Long Tuesday afternoon, 12th Ave & Jackson St was clear. The open air drug use was gone. No more sales of stolen merchandise. Actually saw a clean sidewalk. But by sunset, it was back to business as usual at this notorious intersection in Seattle’s Little Saigon neighborhood. The common denominator, no more cops on patrol at night. Btw, a lot of the hustlers now use baby strollers to transport stolen merch and drugs. They say it puts people at ease and cops are less likely to check. Why didn’t I think of that? The one lone bright spot, volunteers with Mosaic Church feeding some of the fellas and providing supplies. They come out here every Tuesday night.


Community Members Clean pro-Palestine, Anarchist Graffiti in Chinatown

It Takes A Village Late Tuesday evening, a volunteer took matters into his own hands after the city did not respond to community complaints. He wiped out all the pro-Palestine and anarchist graffiti scrawled on several tables in Chinatown-ID’s Hing Hay Park. Neighbors say they first spotted the vandalism on Saturday and suspect FAR-LEFT activists were behind the dirty deed. D2 Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales) did not respond to the graffiti complaints either. It’s evident more than ever, you can’t just rely on the government.


People Living Out of RVs in SODO Say They Would Not Move to an RV Lot

Recurring Nightmare Remember back in July when the city cleared dozens of RV’s and tents along this stretch of 3rd Ave in SODO? Officials said it was already planned and had nothing to do with the MLB All-Star Game coming to T-Mobile Park. Well, all the fellas are back. It’s the same folks who have been cleared multiple times and know the game. All of them tell me they have been offered shelter and services numerous times. They don’t want to go to any future RV lots either because this is prime location near all the food banks, drug dealers, and it’s easy access to the heart of the city. By the way, this is CM Tammy Morales’ (@CMTammyMorales, @TammyMoralesSEA Read More ›


“Giving up and wanting to do whatever I wanted,” Drove this Woman to Homelessness in Portland

The Truth This homeless woman in Portland nails it. The subculture of the streets is alluring. Why be a working stiff when you can get everything for free, live without rules, and pay ZERO taxes? Video from: Kevin Dahlgren

A man stands in a maze and thinks, view from the back. The concept of difficulty in making a decision. AI generated
A man stands in a maze and thinks, view from the back. The concept of difficulty in making a decision. AI generated

What Price is Personal Autonomy?

They do so because that’s what San Francisco judges and voters have told them to have “respect for personal autonomy.” Read More ›