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Belltown Shooting Near Encampment

Another Encampment Shooting Late Monday evening, multiple witnesses in Belltown sent me video showing officers responding to a shooting at 2nd Ave & Blanchard St. My sources on the ground say the victim was targeted and “had it coming to them.” What led up to all this remains unclear. Victim’s condition is unknown and so far no arrests. This is a well known stretch for 911 calls, open air drug use, and tent encampments in the city. Earlier this month, street preacher Matthew Meinecke and I searched for Kaylee Gordon at this location. It’s also right around the corner from REACH, Plymouth housing, and other social service agencies. CM Andrew Lewis’ (@cmandrewjlewis) district remains a war zone.


One Dead After Seattle Belltown Shooting

It’s a War Zone Authorities say another shooting in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood leaves one man dead. Incident happened early Thursday morning on the 2100 block of 3rd Ave. “Officers attempted life-saving measures until Seattle Fire Department personnel arrived. Despite all life-saving efforts, the victim was pronounced dead. The circumstances that led up to the shooting are unknown at this time.” No word yet if anyone has been arrested. The violence continues in the heart of the city. This is just a few minutes away from the Space Needle and shopping district. Confidence in public safety is plummeting in Councilmember Andrew Lewis’ (@CMAndrewJLewis) district. Crime is spiraling out of control.

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Pregnant Woman and Unborn Child Killed in Downtown Seattle Shooting

Pastor Brice Sanders and volunteers from Coastline Church Northwest were renovating their new building at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Lenora in Downtown Seattle when they heard six gun shots from just a block away. Sanders tells me they had to scramble for cover, get inside, and lock the doors. According to Police, a shooting happened Tuesday morning on 4th Avenue, a busy part of Belltown near CVS, Cinerama, and Amazon headquarters. Sanders says the shots were fired at a Tesla. “The Tesla had bullet holes in it,” he tells me. The Seattle Police Department confirmed late on Wednesday afternoon that a pregnant woman inside the car and her unborn child died. A male victim in the car is Read More ›


Business Owners Facing Drug Epidemic on Their Own

Peters believes the on going break ins and theft in his neighborhood are being fueled by desperate drugs users, who sell stolen items to get their next fix. It's taking a human toll. Read More ›