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Chinatown International District (CID)

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Open Drug Scene and Black Market Thrive in International District, Not all are Homeless

Same Scene in Little Saigon There is no doubt the encampment sweeps on WSDOT (@WSDOT) properties in #Chinatown-ID have made a huge difference. No more tents or encampment fires. But the drug dealers, addicts, and the open air black market continues to thrive at bus stops along 12th Ave. in Little Saigon this weekend. Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) said this neighborhood would also be getting police emphasis patrols like 3rd Ave & Pike St. in the downtown core. But nothing is changing. The issues just ebb and flow. I know virtually all the regulars out here. But the concern now, there are so many NEW FACES of addiction coming into this area. Councilmember Kshama Sawant (@cmkshama) reps Little Saigon and Read More ›

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Horse Tranquilizer “Tranq” Appears in Fentanyl in Seattle

Tranq Fentanyl is Here in Seattle Go to #Chinatown-ID right now, and you will see several people with rotting flesh walking around in a zombie like stupor. DEA (@deahq,@DEASEATTLEDiv) confirms it. Jay Yanamura is one of the patriarchs in the community and has started documenting this disaster in the making. #CID remains ground zero for the drug addiction crisis. Just listen to him lay out what he and other senior citizens have to deal with every single day. He also continues to call out Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales) for not being around during their “time of need.” #Seattle @MayorofSeattle @cmkshama @GovInslee @kcexec @JoeMcDermottWA @seattlecouncil @KCCouncil @KCPubHealth @CMSaraNelson @CMTMosqueda @D5Juarez @SeattleFire @SeattlePD This is Insane “Because xylazine is not an opioid, Read More ›

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Tents Creep Back Around Formerly Clear International District Encampment

Day After Sweep This evening, the fence is up at the former King St. homeless encampment on @WSDOT property after Wednesday’s clear out in #Chinatown-ID. But multiple tents, a couch, and a generator have already popped up on the other side. These sidewalks are city of #Seattle‘s responsibility. How soon until crews move in and clear this out? Unreal. Residents and biz owners are afraid @govinslee will surrender #CID again. They want @mayorofseattle to continue with on going sweeps. These are the folks who have refused housing options. Still no sign of Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales.) @JoeMcDermottWA @kcexec @seattlecouncil @kccouncil @CMSaraNelson @CMTMosqueda @D5Juarez @WAStateCommerce The Other Side At the former Jackson St. encampment in #Chinatown-ID, crews were still cleaning the Read More ›


International District Residents Say Politicians Are Out of Touch With Their Reality

Calling Out Politicians Jay Yanamura watched Wednesday morning as @WSDOT crews cleared the King St. encampment in the #Chinatown-ID. He also hoped some elected officials would show up to support this Asian American community as it tries to heal and move forward from all the dangerous homeless encampments that were allowed to flourish on state property. Especially Governor Jay Inslee (@GovInslee) since he showed up to meet with parents at John Stanford Int. School near the Ship Canal encampment, and took a victory lap with a PR event at the 1st. Ave Bridge encampment. But the Governor never showed up. Once again, politicians only coming to #Chinatown-ID when they want dim sum or a photo opportunity during Lunar New Year. Read More ›

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International District Business Owners Welcome Encampment Clearing After Crime and Violence

Breaking Washington State Dept. of Transportation finally SWEEPING two notorious #Chinatown-ID encampments on Tuesday. One at King St. and the other on Jackson St. All on @WSDOT property. These camps have been linked to drug deals, fires, a meth lab explosion, shootings, overdose deaths and other crimes. Residents and biz owners have heavily criticized @KC_RHA CEO Marc Dones for slow outreach due to his “housing first” ideology, disappointed in Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) for not taking control from the state sooner, and say Gov. Jay Inslee( @GovInslee) should not be taking a victory lap since he allowed situation to flourish for so long. Summit Sierra High School students also walked through this insanity for nearly a year. This Asian American Read More ›

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“I have to ask them to leave”, Businesses in Little Saigon Fight to Survive Drug Scene

Weekends are the worst at 12th and Jackson in Little Saigon. Open air drug use and a black market of stolen goods are thriving. The emphasis patrols by #Seattle PD and King County Sheriffs are just a temporary fix. The insanity moves to streets and parking lots, and then it comes right back. Business owners in this area are forced to confront this mess as they fight to survive. Dozens of businesses have already left the #CID because of on going crime. Meanwhile, the King St. homeless encampment just added several new tents on @WSDOT property. @cmkshama and @CMTammyMorales remain MIA. This is arguably one of the most dangerous parts of the city, right in the heart of Asian American Read More ›

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Outreach Workers Say They’re Clearing Encampments, But New Tents Being Built in International District

Crazy Town After numerous fires, shootings, and crimes associated with homeless encampments on @WSDOT properties in #Chinatown-ID, @KC_RHA CEO Marc Dones said outreach workers were now focusing on the neighborhood. But he wouldn’t say which camps or when it would all be cleared. He also failed to mention the plan for dealing with new campers who move in and add to the total. Homeless are now moving onto WSDOT properties, knowing they won’t be moved. There’s still no plan to get in front of these encampments before they spiral out of control. There’s also a problematic RV, feeding power to tents. Sunday afternoon, I saw several new tents being pitched on King St. @MayorofSeattle has the power and authority to Read More ›

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Meth Lab Fire at Encampment in International District met with Inaction

Breaking Thursday morning, another inferno at a meth lab homeless encampment on @WSDOT property. How many more times will #Chinatown-International District be victimized before the city and state take action? @GovInslee @MayorofSeattle @CMTammyMorales @KC_RHA @WAStateCommerce #Seattle How Much Longer? This same encampment went up in flames earlier this month. If a meth lab with weapons, drugs, and guns isn’t enough, what will it take for elected officials to deal with these extremely dangerous encampments on @WSDOT property? @KC_RHA What a Find @SeattlePD confirming #Chinatown-International District fire on February 9th was meth related. Neighbors are so sick of @wsdot and @kc_rha‘s empty promises. What else will it take for the state to finally clear this public safety disaster? @GovInslee @MayorofSeattle What Read More ›

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Fires Ravage International District Encampment, Elected Officials Silent

Breaking Another fire on @WSDOT property Thursday afternoon in the same #Chinatown-International District homeless encampment ravaged by multiple INFERNOS. It appears accidental. How much longer will elected officials allow this? #Seattle @CMTammyMorales @MayorofSeattle @GovInslee @kcexec @KC_RHA Chinatown International District A Priority? Super Bowl Sunday encampment inferno on @WSDOT property. No sign of @CMTammyMorales coming out to support her district after recent string of homeless related fires. Where is @KC_RHA and Marc Dones? @GovInslee@MayorofSeattle#Seattle Suspected Meth Lab Last Thursday, an explosion on @WSDOT property in #Chinatown-International District. Once again @CMTammyMorales MIA. @KC_RHA @GovInslee @MayorofSeattle#Seattle Massive Inferno February 3rd, another camp on @WSDOT property up in smoke in #Chinatown-International District. Notice a theme here? State ignores problems in this minority community. @CMTammyMorales Read More ›