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sodo neverending encampment

“We’re Just Moving Down the Street”, Encampment Clearing in SODO Never Ends

Major Sweep in SODO…Again Crews are out right now at 3rd Ave. S & Holgate St in SODO. Just in the past year, I have now covered ten sweeps in this area. RV owners openly say they will simply circle around the neighborhood and come right back in a few days or weeks. City and @Seattledot cannot keep up with enforcement. And I spoke to more than a dozen people here on Wednesday. No one is taking offer of shelters or services. Other say they don’t want apartments because they have to pay rent. They just want to be left alone! This is the worst kept secret, but this is one of the most ideal locations for the homeless and Read More ›

la quinta homeless hotel

King County “Insisted it Be Kept a Secret From the Public”, Council Voting on Kirkland Homeless Hotel

Exclusive Kirkland Council member Toby Nixon (@tobylnixon) says Tuesday night’s council meeting could get interesting and shared insights on how he plans to vote on the “final agreement” that would green-light a controversial homeless hotel at the former La Quinta Inn (@LQ). Nixon is also talking about some of the strong arm tactics being used by King County Executive Dow Constantine’s (@kcexec) team, as they inevitably try to march these projects into other cities. As for the Kirkland deal, Nixon says King County, “insisted that it be kept a secret from the public.” Like most of Dow’s homeless hotels, neighbors find out last minute and then protests erupt. In this case, a lawsuit has also been filed by angry parents Read More ›

ballard eviction shooting

Deputy Shot Serving Eviction Notice in Ballard

Breaking Authorities say man accused of shooting King County Sheriff’s Deputy this morning on the 800 block of NW 54th St is now dead. “Subject retreated into the apartment and was later discovered deceased.” -Independent Force Investigation Team King County. This all went down as an eviction notice was being served at the residence by three deputies and “gunfire was exchanged.” Deputy who was shot is undergoing surgery at the hospital for wounds. Here are some sights and sounds I grabbed on the ground moments ago. Press conference expected later. #Seattle Latest From Investigators

eco blocks

Seattle Street Sets up Eco-Blocks to Prevent Encampment Return

This is a New One Double the eco-blocks. Double the fun. I’ve seen a lot covering the homeless crisis. But this is a first. Remember late last year, cable giant COMCAST (@comcast) was accused of blasting loud music to drive out the homeless next to it’s building in North #Seattle? After a recent sweep, someone is taking some extra precautionary measures to keep them from returning. Meanwhile, the city will never fine anyone for these clear violations, because illegal homeless encampments continue to flourish across the city. It would be a perceived double standard and a PR nightmare. However, if there is a biz owner or individual out there who’s been fined for putting out eco-blocks, let me know. The Read More ›

sidewalk man passed out

Homeless Person Passed Out on Seattle Sidewalk, Pedestrians Just Walk Right By

Just another day in Ballard, as this homeless man is laid out on the sidewalk. Most people simply walk by and ignore the problem. But even the ones who want to help get threatened and disrespected. @CMDanStrauss @MayorofSeattle @GovInslee @kcexec @CMSaraNelson @CMTMosqueda @D5Juarez @SeattleCouncil @KCCouncil#Seattle

little saigon business

“I have to ask them to leave”, Businesses in Little Saigon Fight to Survive Drug Scene

Weekends are the worst at 12th and Jackson in Little Saigon. Open air drug use and a black market of stolen goods are thriving. The emphasis patrols by #Seattle PD and King County Sheriffs are just a temporary fix. The insanity moves to streets and parking lots, and then it comes right back. Business owners in this area are forced to confront this mess as they fight to survive. Dozens of businesses have already left the #CID because of on going crime. Meanwhile, the King St. homeless encampment just added several new tents on @WSDOT property. @cmkshama and @CMTammyMorales remain MIA. This is arguably one of the most dangerous parts of the city, right in the heart of Asian American Read More ›

jack in box fire

Explosion sets Ballard Jack in the Box on Fire, “It’s Normalized Now” Say Residents

Ballard Jack in the Box up in Flames Homeless suspected of burning down part of Ballard @jackbox on Leary Way NW early Wednesday morning. Restaurant remains closed today. I saw worried workers in the parking lot trying to figure out next steps. This location remains problematic and is surrounded by multiple RV and tent encampments. @CMDanStrauss needs to focus on this part of his hood. It’s been cleared multiple times. @MayorofSeattle @GovInslee @kcexec @SeattleFire @CMTMosqueda @D5Juarez @SeattleCouncil @seattledot@KCCouncil #Seattle How Long Will This Last? On Thursday, 8th Ave NW and 6th Ave NW were clear of RV’s. I have not seen it like this for quite some time. But it’s a game a musical chairs. @Seattledot is enforcing the 72 Read More ›