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King County Clears Encampment Along Green River Road, But Stragglers Remain

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Early Wednesday morning, crews will finally be clearing the RV encampment along Green River Rd. in unincorporated King Co. Process was delayed after @KC_RHA asked for more time to do outreach. This evening, only a few people remain. But they aren’t planning to leave.

Happening Now

Crews clearing thousands of pounds of trash on Green River Rd. in unincorporated King County. Most homeless campers/RV’s are gone. But deputies have ZERO authority to remove them if they return. Several guys said they’re coming back once crews leave.

Where’s the Enforcement?

Reagan Dunn spoke to me this morning, reiterating importance of his new legislation that would give King County Sheriff’s deputies the authority to remove homeless campers if they returned. Right now, the county has no mechanism to do this.


Homeless tell me REACH, Union Gospel Mission, and Salvation Army offered services and shelter options. It did not work for everyone since some men and women refused for various reasons. Waiting on @KC_RHA to get me final numbers on placements or referrals.

Still a Disaster Today

The PUBLIC road along Green River Rd. might be clear. But there is still ZERO remedy to address homeless living in nearby deep woods. Looks like a trash bomb went off. Environmental impact unknown since county is not tracking.