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3rd and Pike Bus Stop Removed Due to Drug Use

Join the Club King County Metro (@KingCountyMetro) just removed another problematic bus shelter in downtown Seattle. This time at the corner of 3rd Ave & Pike St in front of the Ross store. Drug addicts were using it as an open air fentanyl den. Otherwise, no more cover from the elements. It’s a bummer for senior citizens who have to wait in the scorching sun or pouring rain. Unclear if it’s a temporary move. Otherwise, this stretch of downtown looked good Tuesday compared to other days. Multiple law enforcement officers up and down the block. But dudes were still passing out on the street. Just another routine day in #Seattle. Councilmember Andrew Lewis (@cmandrewjlewis) should be out here every single Read More ›

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Bus Shelter Removed Due to Drug Use in International District, but Has it Helped?

Will it Make a Difference? First weekend in #Chinatown-ID without the 12th Ave & Jackson St bus shelter. King County Metro (@KingCountyMetro) dismantled it because addicts were using it as a drug den and trash dump. Just to be clear, it is still a functional stop. But on rainy or snowy days, there will be no place to take cover. Meanwhile, it’s good to see Seattle Police patrolling this area. But all the action continues to scatter onto side streets whenever officers show up. I recently spoke to SPD Captain Steve Strand who is one of the main points of contact for the #CID. He says many customers fueling the black market of stolen goods are the Chinese and Vietnamese Read More ›

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Seattle “Tranq” Crisis Continues Explode

Human Tragedy The fentanyl crisis continues to play out on multiple streets in Seattle, especially in places like #Chinatown-ID. This evening, a young man in his 20’s showed me the early stages of “TRANQ FENTANYL” eating away at his skin. Pills laced with xylazine, an animal tranquilizer, are starting to show up more often on the streets. It’s also leaving addicts walking around in a zombie like stupor. Another man nearby using fentanyl said, “I can see the silhouette of a demon” in his friend’s flesh eating wound. @CampSiteSeattle and others have documented the aftermath of “tranq” across the city. There is no denying the zombie drug is here. Nothing has changed in Councilmember Tammy Morales'( @CMTammyMorales) district. Where is Read More ›

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Seattle Fire Saves Lives as City Averages 2 to 3 Overdoses a Day

Another OD Save People ask me how I capture footage of so many fentanyl overdoses in #Seattle. It’s not a real secret. All I do is follow the ambulances and sirens. Friday afternoon, all the commotion led me to the corner of 4th Ave & Spring St, right in the alley of The Executive Hotel Pacific. Once again, Seattle Fire (@SeattleFire) bailed out another addict passed out on the ground. The city continues to average around 2-3 drug overdoses a day and this is an undercount. Even though more people are being saved because of NARCAN, look at the amount of resources it took to revive this fella. In other words, those little tiny NARCAN sprays don’t always work. This Read More ›

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Andrew Lewis Confident Seattle Will Get a Better Drug Policy Proposal

No Regrets Wednesday’s press conference focused on revitalizing downtown #Seattle happened in West Lake Park, just a block away from one of the most notorious drug dens in the city along 3rd Ave & Pike St. As Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) was speaking, addicts were tweaking or passed out on the sidewalk. Arrests for open air drug use and possession are not happening right now because Councilmember’s Lisa Herbold (@Lisa_Herbold,) Kshama Sawant (@cmkshama,) Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales,) Teresa Mosqueda (@CMTMosqueda,) and Andrew Lewis (@CMAndrewJLewis) voted NO on giving City Attorney Ann Davison (@_Ann_Davison_) the power to prosecute these gross misdemeanors. And there’s still no interim solution. Lewis is doubling down saying he has no regrets and says they’re working on something Read More ›

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Drug Dens Empty During Seattle Pride Parade

Fentanyl Free…Sort of On Sunday afternoon, the Seattle Pride Parade (@OurSeattlePride) flowed through downtown #Seattle and brought in a ton of people. There was also a heavy police (@SeattlePD) presence at many street corners along the parade route. For the first time in nearly a year, I saw the potential of 3rd and Pike St, free and clear of drugs and the black market of stolen goods. In reality, a few addicts were still lingering around the Ross Store vestibules and bus stops. But the insane hoards of people congregating in the drug dens were gone this past weekend. Will it remain this way at least until Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game (@mlb) in less than two weeks? Highly unlikely. Read More ›

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Another Night in Seattle, Another Overdose

Routine Night in Seattle Downtown fentanyl overdose, more drug/trap tents in front of #Seattle City Hall, and an arrest made a few blocks away in #Chinatown-ID for an altercation. Of course, the night would not be complete without a deranged person exhibiting menacing behavior towards me. Nothing to see here. Move along. This all happened within a 30 minute span Wednesday evening. Check the @seattlepd police blotter. Can’t make this stuff up. Wait until Major League Baseball (@mlb) fans see all this insanity next month. I’m gonna start charging for tours. Where’s Councilmember Andrew Lewis (@CMAndrewJLewis) and the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (@kingcorha?) Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales) remains MIA for her #CID district. For whatever it’s worth, City Hall Read More ›

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Increasing Fentanyl Overdoses in King County Jail as Inmates Sneak in Supply

“I’ve seen both pills and powder coming through,” Dennis Folk tells me. Folk is sounding the alarm that fentanyl is increasingly making its way into the King County jail and inmates are overdosing at a staggering rate. He is the president of the King County Corrections Guild, representing men and women who are trying to stop the flow of this lethal drug into the facility. “It was heroine years ago, now it’s fentanyl,” he tells me. Seattle Fire and medics respond to each overdose and administer Narcan. KYI Radio’s Ari Hoffman and I have been looking into this concerning trend. We’ve been told that there have been at least eight fentanyl overdoses in the jail since the end of May. Read More ›