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Rock Hurled Through Windshield on I-90 From Homeless Encampment

Exclusive Another terrifying incident along a Washington State Dept. of Transportation (@wsdot) right of way in Seattle. Friday evening, WSP (@wastatepatrol) confirms someone hurled a brick/rock through the windshield of a moving car traveling on 90E. This is near the ramp to the highway off Rainier Ave S. It’s an area that continues to deal with homeless encampments and mentally ill people roaming the streets. Authorities say somehow, the driver did not suffer serious injuries and is handling all of this through insurance. So far no suspects or arrests. This is just a few minutes away from the former homeless encampment known as “Tammy Town,” named after Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales.) Morales recently doubled down and said she opposed encampment Read More ›

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Increasing Fentanyl Overdoses in King County Jail as Inmates Sneak in Supply

“I’ve seen both pills and powder coming through,” Dennis Folk tells me. Folk is sounding the alarm that fentanyl is increasingly making its way into the King County jail and inmates are overdosing at a staggering rate. He is the president of the King County Corrections Guild, representing men and women who are trying to stop the flow of this lethal drug into the facility. “It was heroine years ago, now it’s fentanyl,” he tells me. Seattle Fire and medics respond to each overdose and administer Narcan. KYI Radio’s Ari Hoffman and I have been looking into this concerning trend. We’ve been told that there have been at least eight fentanyl overdoses in the jail since the end of May. Read More ›

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Breaking: Surveillance Shows Convicted Felon Kill Eina Kwon in her Car in Downtown Seattle

Breaking I’ve obtained the horrific shooting video showing Korean American woman Eina Kwon being gunned down in her white Tesla in downtown #Seattle last week. Kwon was 32 weeks pregnant. Authorities say the baby was delivered via emergency surgery but later died at the hospital. Kwon’s husband was also hit by several bullets but is expected to survive. Police say the shooter is 30 year old Cordell Goosby, a convicted felon. He’s charged in Kwon’s murder and remains behind bars. Hundreds March for Eina This tragedy struck a chord with people from all walks of life who are just sick and tired of the crime, open air drug use, and deteriorating public safety conditions in parts of #Seattle Convicted Felon Read More ›

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San Francisco Does Detroit

I left San Francisco just in time — at the end of 2016. Sure, I saw the occasional junkie shooting up in public when I still worked in the city. And yes, I saw men use the sidewalk at the intersection of 5th and Market Streets as a toilet. But I never saw swarms of shoplifters emptying pharmacy shelves. If I needed new shoes, I could pop over to Nordstrom at the Westfield San Francisco Centre at 5th and Market. The number of friends who had stopped going into the city entirely — and switched to shopping in suburban malls — was unsettling, but tourists could help fill the gap. This week, sadly, Nordstrom announced it won’t renew its lease Read More ›

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Seattle’s DESC Reveals Pitfalls of “Housing First”

Where’s the Accountability? @DESCSeattle properties remain a massive drain on #Seattle especially when city is already down officers. These units house formerly homeless, but do not require treatment for drug addiction or mental illness. This is the “HOUSING FIRST” model in action. DESC Problems #Seattle‘s first homicide of year on Jan. 2 happened inside CANADAY HOUSE. @DESCSeattle properties deal with high rates of complaints and 911 calls. Units house formerly homeless, drug addicts, and people struggling with mental health issues. Complaints Stacking Up Homeowners near @DESCSeattle’s Clement Place(“HOUSING FIRST”model) documented numerous problems caused by some residents. Fights, drugs, attempted burglary. Neighbors claim DESC building managers are ignoring them. #seattleicestorm Downtown Disaster City has cleared tents off 3rd Ave and Cherry Read More ›


Seattle’s Unending Drug Crisis

In this great American city, blessed with enormous wealth and natural beauty, a drug crisis is exploding on its streets. Along 3rd Avenue, against the backdrop of Pike Place Market in Seattle’s downtown core, the addicts smoke and inject all kinds of substances in plain sight.  Read More ›

The Hidden Crisis in the Woods: Part 2

It’s tee time at Jackson Park golf course, part of Seattle’s vast network of public spaces. But go beyond the greens and onto nearby trails leading into the deep woods. It looks far worse than any bad shot into the rough.  “I had a friend show me up here,” says Champ, who’s homeless.   Surrounded by the cover of lush trees and an abundance space, Champ says he’s lived alone in peace at this encampment for almost three years. However, he says that’s now changing.  “Usually when somebody gets kicked out they go somewhere else — where they’re going they’re going to raise hell in that area cause they’re pissed,” says Champ.  He believes the city and state’s recent crackdown on Read More ›

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Stores Implement Counter-Shoplifting Measures

@QFCGrocery locations in #Seattle’s Capitol Hill, sick of being targeted by criminals. The company now taking matters into own hands, resorting to locks on ice cream fridges. Read More ›