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3rd and Pike Bus Stop Removed Due to Drug Use

Join the Club King County Metro (@KingCountyMetro) just removed another problematic bus shelter in downtown Seattle. This time at the corner of 3rd Ave & Pike St in front of the Ross store. Drug addicts were using it as an open air fentanyl den. Otherwise, no more cover from the elements. It’s a bummer for senior citizens who have to wait in the scorching sun or pouring rain. Unclear if it’s a temporary move. Otherwise, this stretch of downtown looked good Tuesday compared to other days. Multiple law enforcement officers up and down the block. But dudes were still passing out on the street. Just another routine day in #Seattle. Councilmember Andrew Lewis (@cmandrewjlewis) should be out here every single Read More ›

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Drug Market Comes Roaring Back After Seattle Pride Parade

It’s a Zoo The Seattle Pride Parade (@OurSeattlePride) shine has already worn off in downtown #Seattle. The drug market has come roaring back on 3rd Ave & Pike St. Tuesday evening, it was good to see volunteers with Union Gospel Mission (@SeattlesUGM) right in the thick of things, trying to help the homeless and addicts out here. Why isn’t the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (@KingCoRHA) deploying more workers out here? I wonder if Councilmember Andrew Lewis (@cmandrewjlewis) regrets his NO vote on the drug bill that would have given City Attorney Ann Davison(@_ann_davison) the power to prosecute this type of open air drug use and bring back some accountability to the city. Major League Baseball All-Star Game (@mlb) is Read More ›

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Drug Dens Empty During Seattle Pride Parade

Fentanyl Free…Sort of On Sunday afternoon, the Seattle Pride Parade (@OurSeattlePride) flowed through downtown #Seattle and brought in a ton of people. There was also a heavy police (@SeattlePD) presence at many street corners along the parade route. For the first time in nearly a year, I saw the potential of 3rd and Pike St, free and clear of drugs and the black market of stolen goods. In reality, a few addicts were still lingering around the Ross Store vestibules and bus stops. But the insane hoards of people congregating in the drug dens were gone this past weekend. Will it remain this way at least until Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game (@mlb) in less than two weeks? Highly unlikely. Read More ›

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Tourists, Workers Downtown Check That People are Still Alive on Seattle’s Sidewalks

Saturday Stroll It remains a tale of two cities in downtown #Seattle. The fentanyl addicts are still doing their thing near hot spots like 3rd Ave and Pike St. It’s just a foil party everywhere and people are literally passed out in the middle of the sidewalk. People were a little bit more aggressive than usual towards me today. But the rest of downtown is packed with tourists and looking spectacular. So much upside to this city. No doubt preparations for the Seattle Pride Parade (@OurSeattlePride) on Sunday are helping. But if elected officials can get the drug crisis under control, this is a preview of good things to come. I just hope co-existing with the open air drug use Read More ›

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“Until the politicians feel it in their pocketbook, nothing’s ever gonna change”

Hot Spots Remain Hot #Seattle‘s City Hall Park has re-opened. Amazon workers are back a few days in the office. Tourists are passing through the city. But even with the on going efforts to reactivate downtown, the fentanyl crisis is still raging out of control. The ecosystem of open-air drug use remains centered at the corner of 3rd Ave and Pike St, especially around the Ross store (@ross_stores.) Every vestibule is packed with addicts and dealers. It’s also spilling into the side streets and alleys. If you go back and look at all my coverage since April, nothing has changed out here. Major League Baseball All Star Weekend (@mlb) is about two weeks away. Will all this illegal activity be Read More ›

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Fighting for Downtown Seattle: Brawls, Drugs, and Public Urination as Tourists Arrive

Downtown Seattle Brawl I’m playing catch up on #Seattle news after being in Texas this past week on assignment. Saturday afternoon, I went straight to 3rd Ave & Pike St. Without fail, I witnessed drug deals happening on multiple corners, stolen items being sold on the streets, and an insane fight in front of tourists and children. Nothing has changed. The best part of the day, some WOKE IDIOT tried to snatch my phone saying I should not record because, “these people are having a crisis.” She went on to do absolutely nothing to help the victim being beat up. Virtue signaling at its finest. Then some looney tune says, “whoop his ass next” after I asked bystanders to call Read More ›

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Seattle’s Third Avenue and Chinatown Full of Overdoses, Meth Fumes, and Stolen Goods at Night

Downtown Madness Continues The warm weather is fueling a crush of illicit activity in the downtown #Seattle core this weekend. Dealers are out peddling fentanyl for as little as one dollar a pill. Once again there were multiple drug overdoses and the black market of stolen goods is flourishing. I was out late Saturday night into the early Sunday morning hours, focused primarily on 3rd Ave and #Chinatown-ID. The moment the sun sets, it gets absolutely wild. Even the classical music crowd exiting Benaroya Hall (@benaroyahall) got a taste of the “fetty” and meth fumes. Not enough police officers to keep up. There is no denying the severity of what’s happening to Coucilmember Andrew Lewis’ (@CMAndrewJLewis) district. Like I said, Read More ›

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Drug Crisis, Overdoses in Full View on Seattle’s Third Avenue

Nothing Has Changed I spent hours in downtown #Seattle on Saturday to see the illicit activity ebb and flow. This is the first weekend since Mayor Bruce Harrell (@mayorofseattle) announced his Downtown Activation Plan to clean up this mess. Most of the action is still concentrated at 3rd Ave & Pike St. near the Ross Store (@Ross_Stores.) But police emphasis patrols are now scattering drug addicts and dealers to other streets. The vestibules of empty store fronts remain popular spots to do fentanyl. Folks continue to use public transportation (@SoundTransit, @KingCountyMetro) to move stolen merchandise back and forth on to the streets. The black market is thriving and it’s a free for all. I also witnessed two men being saved Read More ›

Video Still by Jonathan Choe, © Discovery Institute

News’ Last Stand in Downtown Seattle’s “Economic Warzone”

There are two downtown Seattles. One that sparkles and shines for the Christmas holiday season, packed with shoppers and tourists in what appears to be a safe and inviting atmosphere. Then there’s the other. The lights are off and many store fronts remain shuttered along Third Avenue and Pike Street. Read More ›