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Jonathan Choe


One Million Pounds of Trash Removed from North Seattle Freeway Encampment

Bailing Out Government Again At this point, most of us know about the incredible exploits of We Heart Seattle (@weheartseattle.) This homeless outreach group is consistently one of the most impactful in the region because of the dynamic leadership of Andrea Suarez. She continues to mobilize volunteers and also empowers the men and women living on the streets to help clean up encampments. This weekend, Suarez and her crew focused on one of the most problematic corridors in North Seattle, removing around one million pounds of trash. But they barely scratched the surface. The WSDOT (@wsdot) right of ways in this part of Seattle are now overwhelmed with tents and structures. From Northgate to University District, it’s almost like the Read More ›


Burien Deputy Mayor Clarifies Encampment Law Martin v. Boise

Interpreting Homeless Law Once again, I asked Burien Deputy Mayor Kevin Schilling how the city is interpreting the landmark ruling Martin V. Boise that says cities cannot enforce anti-camping ordinances if there aren’t enough homeless shelter beds available. This piece is frequently cited and misinterpreted by FAR-LEFT activists and other homeless advocates against SWEEPS. Even King County Executive Dow Constantine (@kcexec)weaponized it earlier this year and blocked sheriff’s deputies from assisting during the Burien dog park encampment removal. But Schilling makes it very clear, nowhere in the law does it say the offers of shelter must be in the city where the homeless are camping. In other words, if there is an open shelter bed in nearby Seattle or Renton, Read More ›


Burien Passes “no camping” Ordinance

What’s Next Burien After weeks of contentious debate and public comment, the Burien City Council finally passed a “no camping” ordinance this week. This common sense bill was first championed by CM Stephanie Mora (@CmStephaniemora) and ended up being a close 4-3 vote. Now the heavy lifting begins. More than 60 people remain at the Ambaum Blvd encampment. I went there again this week. The open air drug use and trash is out of control. And sadly, Burien PD has taken multiple reports of young women being trafficked out of this encampment. Meanwhile, listen to Deputy Mayor Kevin Schilling describe what Highline Public School Dist. is doing in response to this situation. The city is now in talks to bring Read More ›

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Police Increase Presence in Little Saigon, Neighbors Grateful

Positive Signs Neighbors in Little Saigon are thrilled to see Seattle Police patrols Tuesday afternoon near 12th Ave & Jackson St. They say officers are trying to make clear distinctions between people simply waiting to catch the bus VS. the drug addicts smoking fentanyl and selling stolen merchandise on the corner. Need more of this each day.


“Stop your blackface for the white agenda,” says Entrepreneur to Sawant at Council Meeting

Sawant Blasted Before Tuesday evening’s Seattle council drug vote, self proclaimed socialist councilmember Kshama Sawant (@cmkshama) went on her usual cop hating, blame the billionaires, class warfare monologue. But after she evoked her version of the black experience in America to further her agenda, local entrepreneur Michael Asai (@ECCG206) had enough. He got up and blasted Sawant saying, “Stop doing your blackface for the white agenda.” Asai went on to say, “Vote for this bill and clean up this damn city.” Asai is simply saying what everyone is thinking. The FAR-LEFT/ Commie/Marxists in Seattle are majority white and do not care at all about the interests of the black community or minorities. And Asai is tired of being used for Read More ›


Activists Mock Man Who Lost Son to Gun Violence

Total Disrespect During Tuesday evening’s Seattle Council meeting, Larry Marshall went up during the public comment period and shared from the bottom of his heart. He courageously talked about losing his son to gun violence and also advocated for a common sense drug bill for the sake of his daughter. Marshall works in downtown and believes Seattle is worth saving. He also supports Seattle Police (@SeattlePD.) But on cue, the FAR-LEFT activists selfishly disrupted and mocked his testimony. Look at the kid in the jean jacket and the rest of his associates. The Sawant, Morales, and Mosqueda disciples don’t care about anyone with a different opinion. Others in the audience like We Heart Seattle’s Andrea Suarez (@weheartseattle) were appalled by Read More ›


Activists Yell as Seattle Passes Revised Drug Bill

Seattle Drug Bill Revised drug bill passes in Seattle City Council. Only CM Tammy Morales, Teresa Mosqueda, and Kshama Sawant voted against it. But what happened afterwards was absolute insanity. The self proclaimed abolitionists, FAR-LEFT activists, and Morales disciples started going after all the council members who voted to pass it. They even turned on progressive favorite Councilmember Lisa Herbold. Sore losers. They also started expressing their frustrations at me. I guess my reporting is making a difference. You’re not going to see this footage on any other newscast this evening.


Greenwood Encampment Spiraling Out of Control

Getting Worse? There are so many unresolved homeless encampments in Seattle. But this one in Greenwood behind the Fred Meyer keeps getting worse. I counted close to 30 tents, including one with a door. Neighbors keep flooding my DM’s saying the city along with Councilmember Dan Strauss (@CMDanStrauss) are ignoring the problem. Same issues: open air drug use, more crime, yelling at all hours of the day, trash spilling out into the streets, etc. There’s also concern this place is being used as a CHOP SHOP. One guy told me he was sawing off the metal part of a brand new hose line to sell at a local scrap yard. Perfectly legal, as long as it’s not stolen. On a Read More ›