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Far-Left Activists


Legislation Introduced to Hold Housing Justice Project Accountable

King County Council Vice-Chair Reagan Dunn following through and introducing legislation to hold King County Bar Association's Housing Justice Project accountable. "King County must intervene immediately to bring accountability to Housing Justice Project programs, audit how our funds are being used, and stop ill-intended crooks from continuing to exploit eviction prevention aid,” says Dunn. Read More ›

Seattle Activists Protest SCOTUS Anti-Camping Case

Blaming Capitalism Did I call it or what! Far-left activists like Nikkita Oliver blamed white supremacy and capitalism for America’s homeless crisis during a Monday rally in Seattle. This was in response to the U.S. Supreme Court scrutinizing anti-camping laws used against the homeless.


Activists Protest at Council President’s House

Camp Out Far-left activists spent Monday evening camped outside Seattle City Council President Sara Nelson’s (@CMSaraNelson) house. They were whining about rent control and sweeps. A cop was outside the whole time. They have targeted Nelson’s place before. Neighbors tell me the group of all white kids eventually dispersed without wrecking the place. The ANTIFA crew is trying to stay relevant since they know this more moderate city council will be harder to sway. On Tuesday, councilmembers will fill the vacant seat left open by Teresa Mosqueda, who’s now with the King County Council.


Mixed Messages on Homelessness

Pundits who write about homelessness should recognize that America in this decade does not have 20-20 vision on the subject. My column last week analyzed a celebrated short story in which a homeless Native American and his friends haven’t changed at all, but the city of Seattle celebrates. If you’ve been watching Jonathan Choe’s videos on this Fix Homelessness website, Seattle’s homelessness crisis is not something to cheer. But in a New Yorker short story, the Noble Savage and his alcoholic crew can live happily ever after.  Some writers cheer on homelessness, seeing it as a way to live off the land, hunting for sustenance. There are parallels between the way European Americans dealt with Native Americans two centuries ago Read More ›

Interurban Trail Trash

Day One of Interurban Trail Begins as Activists Intervene

Happening Now Massive homeless encampment along #Seattle‘s Interurban Trail being cleared after 1 day delay. Neighbors thrilled after complaining about surge in crime related to camp. Already, many homeless refusing shelter options from outreach workers. Stop the Sweeps at it Again: Far-left mutual aid group believes moving homeless people to other neighborhoods is right thing to do, claiming shelter conditions are inhumane. At some point @MayorofSeattle and@KCRHA will have to address this INCONVENIENT TRUTH. What’s Really Happening Past year, been to most of Seattle’s encampment sweeps and have talked to hundreds of homeless people. VAST MAJORITY echo Bruce Drager. Neighbors DM’ing me right now, asking where homeless are heading next. Brief History By all neighbor accounts, Interurban Trail homeless encampment Read More ›