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Inferno in SODO Homeless Encampment

Exclusive Late Saturday night, a massive inferno engulfed multiple tents inside the unsanctioned SODO homeless encampment near the Salvation Army shelter at 6th Ave & Airport Way S. This is the site of Dow Constantine’s (@kcexec) failed HOMELESS MEGAPLEX. He tried to ram the project through last year without consulting the surrounding #Chinatown-ID neighbors, but the community fought back and won. But the land is still being leased by King County and the illegal encampment continues to be a blight and danger to the community. What a drain on the good men and women of @SeattleFire. Another encampment fire in District 2 and no sign of MIA Councilmember Morales( @CMTammyMorales.) Where is Marc Dones and the @KC_RHA outreach? #Seattle @MayorofSeattle Read More ›


KCRHA CEO Walks Back Permanent Housing Statements as Inslee Corrects Interpretation

Final Word Today, Governor Inslee @GovInslee confirmed that proviso language DOES NOT require offers of “permanent housing ” to homeless on state right of ways. This is a direct rebuke of @KC_RHA CEO Marc Dones’ interpretation. But will this change the pace of clearings?#Seattle @MayorofSeattle @kcexec @WSDOT Dones Responds During @KC_RHA Governing Committee meeting today, Dones walked back his recent statements about encampment outreach and “permanent housing” as a requirement. He now says congregate shelters are still an option. #Seattle Calling on Mayor Parents at John Stanford Int. School now begging @MayorofSeattle to take control from @WSDOT and lead encampment removals on state right of ways. Significant development this week as officials feel pressure to act swiftly. @GovInslee @KC_RHA @kcexec Read More ›

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Nearly 40 Homeless People Kicked Out of Seattle Hotel after Numerous Violations

Thomas says several other homeless men and women violated rules by smoking drugs in their rooms and inviting guests without permission.  A source close to the situation says a hotel staff member was also assaulted by a homeless man. Read More ›
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King County Refuses to Clear Encampment until Permanent Housing is Available

As parents plead for the safety of their children nearby the Seattle ship canal encampment, King County insists the homeless can't be moved until they have permanent housing. Read More ›
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Another Fire at Ship Canal Encampment as King County Fails to Address Safety

Running Out of Patience Horrible week for Marc Dones and @KC_RHA. Parents at John Stanford International Elementary crushed the agency and it’s mishandling of homeless outreach at Ship Canal Bridge encampment across street from school. Then another fire. @WSDOT @GovInslee @MayorofSeattle Just Doing my Job For nearly a year now, I have covered the DISASTER unfolding at the Ship Canal Bridge encampment. Today, some random King County worker tried to flex on me and told me to leave. How do you think I responded? #Seattle So Done #Seattle Council member Alex Pedersen slamming King County Regional Homelessness Authority saying, “@KC_RHA appears relatively slow,” in email sent to frustrated neighbor complaining about @WSDOT Ship Canal encampment. @MayorofSeattle @GovInslee Mayor’s Hot Take Read More ›

pile of old shoes clothes
Pile of old clothes and shoes dumped on the grass as junk and garbage, littering and polluting the environment
Pile of old clothes and shoes dumped on the grass as junk and garbage, littering and polluting the environment

“Housing First” Five Year Plan will Cost King County Billions

Five Year Plan Today, @KC_RHA released strategy to “Dramatically Reduce Unsheltered Homelessness.” Agency says there will be “measurable, accountable success.” But it’s based on failed “HOUSING FIRST” policy. No requirements for drug addiction and mental health treatment. #Seattle Costs Nearly 12 Billion Bucks @KCCReaganDunn blasting @KC_RHA 5 year plan essentially saying the agency is focused on funding the wrong things. Says it will be a failure and black hole for tax payers. #Seattle#KingCounty#Bellevue#Kirkland#Redmond#FederalWay#Kent#Renton Mark Dones’s Baby Here is the Executive Summary. Click image below. #Seattle#KingCounty Quite A Read I’m still digesting @KC_RHA and Marc Dones’ game plan. Notice the agency is careful not to say this will end homelessness. Ultimately, what does success or failure look like after 5 years? Read More ›

Georgetown RV Lot

Despite Sweeps, RVs Set Up in Seattle’s Georgetown District

Exclusive They’re back! RV’s set up again near 7th Ave S. & S. Fidalgo St in GEORGETOWN after sweep. I’ve obtained surveillance video showing guy removing “ECO-blocks.” Neighbors+biz owners pleading with @seattledot and @MayorofSeattle to enforce. Right Now Entire street was cleared by @seattledot@SeattleSPU@MayorofSeattle a few months ago. I was there when crews moved in. I also saw aftermath when biz owners quietly moved in “ECO-blocks.” Technically illegal to use. This is now a FULL BLOWN street war. The Dude Biz owners say guy with the hat and orange shirt chained up “ECO-blocks” and dragged several to the side of the road so RV’s could move back and park.@seattledot says anyone bringing in these blocks are illegal. What about moving Read More ›


Chinatown Mobilizes Against Homeless Megaplex

Chinatown-International District (C-ID) residents are angry and feel disrespected. Especially the seniors. Instead of enjoying retirement, these grizzled veterans are challenging King County Executive Dow Constantine’s plan to ram through a homeless megaplex with close to 500 beds in nearby SODO. Read More ›