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Caitlyn Axe on ShiftWA: KCRHA’s Partnership for Zero “was a very expensive failure.”

Shift’s Newsmaker Interview is with Caitlyn Axe, the author of a new must-read report from the Discovery Institute’s Fix Homelessness project. The report revealed that the King County Regional Housing Authority’s (KCRHA) collaboration with local companies called “Partnership for Zero” not only dramatically failed in its mission to remove homeless individuals from Downtown Seattle, but it cost taxpayers nearly 10 times the amount to house individuals than what it cost non-profits to perform the same task.  On the day the report was released, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell announced that the “partnership” was terminated. The report then exposed a disturbing lack of accountability by the politicians who govern the KCRHA. While the authority distributes millions in taxpayer funds to local homeless organizations, it does not Read More ›


Mayor Bruce Harrell on International District’s Crime Hot Spot

Exclusive One-on-one with Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) Sunday afternoon. He took some time out to talk after participating in the Seattle Slam Showdown basketball tournament for youth. It’s been a rough week on so many levels in the city. More shootings, robberies targeting Asians/non-English speaking immigrants, along with OPEN AIR DRUG USE AND DRUG MARKETS spiraling out of control in the city. But with limited time, I focused primarily on what’s in store for the troubled crime hot spot at 12th Ave & Jackson St in Chinatown-ID. Also, the intense criticism Councilmember Tammy Morales (@TammyMoralesSEA, @CMTammyMorales) is facing from her constituents and Councilmember Sara Nelson (@cmsaranelson.) In case you missed it last week, Nelson torched Morales’ failed FAR-LEFT policies and Read More ›


Staunch Democrat Explains Disappointment in Seattle’s Leadership

Arguably Worst Month for Governor Jay Inslee July was a total disaster when it comes to the homeless crisis exploding on Washington State Dept. of Transportation (@wsdot) right of ways. National media picked up on the insanity being built on WSDOT properties like the notorious West Seattle swimming pool, homeless cave/underground tunnel system, and EWOK Village in the trees. Making matters worse, this week a DRUG WAR involving homemade BOMBS caused one of the largest explosions in downtown Seattle along I-5. The Mayor of Seattle had to go in and clear the encampment since it was taking the state way too long to address this emergency. And there are still more than 2K encampments on state right of ways with Read More ›


Seattle Steps in to Clear Inferno Encampment, Hundreds of City-Supplied Needles Litter the Ground

Breaking Thursday morning, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) finally ordered crews to clear the notorious I-5 homeless encampment in downtown #Seattle. Even though it’s on Washington State Dept. of Transportation (@wsdot) property, the Mayor “deemed it an emergency,” so he was able to take control of this situation. I have been reporting for months now that the Mayor has always had this option. WSDOT’s problems have just become too much of a burden. The Mayor is clearly taking matters into his own hands. Otherwise, the investigation continues into this inferno, fueled by a DRUG TURF WAR involving homemade BOMBS. Witnesses say it was a REVENGE HIT JOB. Once again, this is not a housing crisis. A criminal enterprise was being Read More ›

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Seattle Streets to Avoid During All-Star Game

All-Star Weekend Test More fans are expected to pour into Seattle as we get closer to the actual Major League Baseball All-Star Game (@MLB) on Tuesday at T-Mobile Park (@TMobilePark.) Saturday night, I showed you the crazy open air drug scene and thriving black market that’s still happening in the downtown hot spots. So on Sunday, I wanted to see if conditions improved during the day time hours. Not really. LOL. But no doubt there were more officers and clean up crews on the streets. Right now, tourists should continue to avoid parts of Chinatown-ID(12th Ave & Jackson St) and the area around Seattle City Hall near the DESC (@DESCSeattle) facilities(3rd Ave and Cherry St/James St.) But the SODO hood Read More ›

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Seattle’s Chinatown is in Crisis and Politicians are Nowhere to be Found

What About Chinatown/international District? Some of the fundamental pillars of Mayor Bruce Harrell’s (@MayorofSeattle) “One Seattle” approach is unity and ethnic diversity. You could clearly see it behind him during Wednesday’s press conference as he laid out more details driving his Downtown Activation Plan. But afterwards, I asked why there wasn’t a single mention of the #CID in his game plan. Timelines for measurable change also remain unclear. Watch interview below. Other advocates noticed this omission as well since this predominantly Asian American neighborhood faces enormous and unique challenges related to fentanyl and the homeless crisis exploding on it’s streets. Dozens of small mom and pop immigrant owned businesses have also left in the past couple years due to unchecked Read More ›

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Far-Left Activists Shout Down Seattle Mayor’s Plan to Restore the City

Disruptive Day So many dynamics Wednesday morning as #Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) unveiled the next phase of his Downtown Activation Plan. Numerous city leaders, law enforcement officials, and entrepreneurs gathered at West Lake Park to show a united front. The Mayor says he’s playing the long game and is doubling down on his strategy to reclaim downtown from the scourge of hardcore drugs, crime, and rampant homelessness. But Stop The Sweeps Seattle disrupted speakers with angry chants and demanded housing for all homeless people. They’ve been a thorn in Mayor Harrell’s side since he took office. These FAR-LEFT activists continue to make FALSE claims saying “sweeps kill.” The reality is, most homeless people on the streets do not want Read More ›

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Pregnant Woman and Unborn Child Killed in Downtown Seattle Shooting

Pastor Brice Sanders and volunteers from Coastline Church Northwest were renovating their new building at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Lenora in Downtown Seattle when they heard six gun shots from just a block away. Sanders tells me they had to scramble for cover, get inside, and lock the doors. According to Police, a shooting happened Tuesday morning on 4th Avenue, a busy part of Belltown near CVS, Cinerama, and Amazon headquarters. Sanders says the shots were fired at a Tesla. “The Tesla had bullet holes in it,” he tells me. The Seattle Police Department confirmed late on Wednesday afternoon that a pregnant woman inside the car and her unborn child died. A male victim in the car is Read More ›

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“Taxpayers want to see something tangible,” Markovich Says of KCRHA

Political Liability? As the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (@KingCoRHA) figures out it’s identity and role after a tumultuous year, KIRO Newsradio politics reporter Matt Markovich (@mattmarkovich) is offering some tremendous insight into the agency. Markovich has followed KCRHA since it’s inception. There may be no other reporter in this region who knows the inner workings better than this 30 plus year news veteran. Here’s his hot take on why it was formed and how former #Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (@jennydurkan, @MayorJenny) and King County Executive Dow Constantine (@kcexec) essentially wanted “deniability” when it came to addressing the region’s homeless crisis. And according to Markovich, there’s been on-going tension between former KCRHA CEO Marc Dones and current #Seattle Mayor Bruce Read More ›

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“Now is a good time to look at the model,” Mayor Bruce Harrell After KCRHA CEO Resigns

Political Liability Over the weekend, I caught up exclusively with #Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell (@mayorofseattle) and Deputy Mayor Tiffany Washington to discuss the recent controversies swirling around the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (@KingCoRHA.) 1) KCRHA Continuum of Care Board Chair Shanee Colston’s defiance and refusal to resign after her public outburst defending a convicted pedophile. 2) Former KCRHA CEO Marc Dones’ abrupt resignation, leaving the agency in an uncertain situation. Distancing Themselves @KingCoRHA clearly doesn’t want want to have anything to do with this hot mess created by Colston. If she refuses to resign, is anyone going to step up and remove her? I’m still trying to figure out if this can even be done. Global Attention This story Read More ›