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Fireworks Expected at Tuesday Night’s Redmond City Council Meeting

Expecting another contentious Redmond City Council meeting Tuesday evening. A few weeks ago, neighbors and activists with Safe Eastside accused City Planning Director Carol Helland of fast tracking the controversial Plymouth Housing land transfer without public input. Read More ›
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Controversial Low Barrier Housing Project Protected from Journalists’ Inquiries

Why are Plymouth Housing leaders afraid of journalists? An internal email shows how staff allegedly asked Redmond PR guy Derek Wing for cover. Read More ›
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Rally Expected at Redmond City Hall to Protest Low Barrier Housing Project

Another huge rally expected in front of Redmond City Hall Tuesday at 6:00pm. Then neighbors and activists will pack Council Chambers for public testimony. Former Plymouth Housing staffer Tasha Mae is sharing horror stories about this homeless housing provider. Read More ›
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Redmond: Emails Reveal Intentional Effort to Ram Through Controversial Housing Project

I've obtained a tranche of problematic email communications between Redmond Mayor Angela Birney, some councilmembers, and city staff. It shows an intentional effort to ram through the controversial Plymouth Housing apt complex at all costs and limit public input. Read More ›
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Bellevue Landlord Leads Protest at Councilmember’s Home

Saturday afternoon, Bellevue cops showed up and essentially ambushed Jaskaran Singh with a second Temporary Protection Order filed by serial squatter Sang Kim. But in an impromptu move, Singh led protestors to councilmember John Stokes' house. Read More ›
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Bellevue Serial Squatter Attempts Another Protection Order

Friday morning, Bellevue landlord Jaskaran Singh says four Bellevue cops tried to serve another Temporary Protection Order against him. Once again, King County Bar Association's Housing Justice Project is helping Kim weaponize the legal system and stifle Singh's free speech. Read More ›

Burien Seeking Police Chief Replacement as Downtown Deteriorates

It appears embattled Burien Police Chief Ted Boe is heading out the door. Boe has not officially been fired. But Thursday evening, City Manager Adolfo Bailon sent out an email saying they are looking for his replacement. Read More ›
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Protestors Confront Housing Justice Project

Thursday afternoon, angry protesters led by Bellevue landlord Jaskaran Singh finally confronted lawyers at King County Bar Association's Housing Justice Project. HJP is the legal aid group helping serial squatter Sang Kim evade eviction. But HJP managing attorney Edmund Witter was not in and a man working the counter slammed the door on Singh and his family. Read More ›
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Serial Squatter Threatens Landlord’s Kids

Bellevue serial squatter Sang Kim is now allegedly making threats against landlord Jaskaran Singh's young kids. Court documents show a text thread where Kim is basically saying he plans on filing a police report to ruin any chance of Singh's children getting into college. Read More ›
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Commissioner Dismisses Protection Order Against Bellevue Landlord

Huge win for Bellevue landlord Jaskaran Singh. Monday morning, a King County court commissioner dismissed the Temporary Protection Order filed against him by serial squatter Sang Kim. Read More ›