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Golden lion in inner court of Hampton Court, London
Golden lion in inner court of Hampton Court, London

Homelessness in 16th Century England, Pt. 2

Two weeks ago I wrote about English homeless policy during the century before the Pilgrims voyaged to America. Here’s a little more examination of what we can learn from that period, starting in 1531 with the way Sir Thomas Elyot, an English diplomat, peered at homeless people through a coach window. Elyot reacted like some of us respond to those holding at spotlights signs requesting cash: He called them “beasts brute and savage.” Pamphleteer Philip Stubbes countered with a compassionate approach: “God commandeth in his law that there be no miserable poor man, nor begger amongest us, but that everyone be provided for and maintained of that abundance which God hath blessed us withal.” Stubbes scoffed at the stingy: “We Read More ›

Jackson Park Fire

Homeless Encampment Fire Breaks Out at Jackson Park

Exclusive Look at this inferno at homeless encampment Friday on Jackson Park Perimeter Trail. This is right next to Greentree Village Condos in #Seattle. Listen to neighbor’s frustration on 911 call. @SeattleFire once again saves day. On Going Problems Last summer, my series HIDDEN CRISIS IN THE WOODS showed numerous homeless encampments along Jackson Park Trail. But neighbors say city continues to ignore them.


Everett Mayor Writes Off WSDOT’s Letter Denying Claims

The letter in question is the one she sent to the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) last week, in which she alleges that agency, in conjunction with a local nonprofit service provider, is moving "a large number" of the unsheltered population from outside Everett into her city's motels. Read More ›
union station dc
Sunny view of some homeless tent in front of the Union Station
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Uncle Sam Enabling Homelessness, Not Ending It

How Congress Can Reform Government’s Misguided Homelessness Policies report exposes the futility of current federal “Housing First” policies, now embraced by President Joe Biden’s administration. Read More ›
closed envelope
Businessman giving bribe money in the envelope to partner
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Homelessness: A Profitable Business

James A. Brown III has turned sheltering the homeless into a lucrative business for himself, reaping more than $1 million a year in profits. By starting and managing his own security guard company, catering company, and management company — all of which service his shelters. Read More ›
sun palm trees
Sun shining through tall palm trees. Summer, fashion, travel, vacation, tourism, lifestyle and weather concept.
Sun shining through tall palm trees. Summer, fashion, travel, vacation, tourism, lifestyle and weather concept.

Like a Dystopia, Only California

For years, the left argued that not enforcing "quality of life" laws was the humane and enlightened approach that would lead to more livable cities. But all they got was a toxic stew. Read More ›

The Hidden Crisis in the Woods: Part 2

It’s tee time at Jackson Park golf course, part of Seattle’s vast network of public spaces. But go beyond the greens and onto nearby trails leading into the deep woods. It looks far worse than any bad shot into the rough.  “I had a friend show me up here,” says Champ, who’s homeless.   Surrounded by the cover of lush trees and an abundance space, Champ says he’s lived alone in peace at this encampment for almost three years. However, he says that’s now changing.  “Usually when somebody gets kicked out they go somewhere else — where they’re going they’re going to raise hell in that area cause they’re pissed,” says Champ.  He believes the city and state’s recent crackdown on Read More ›

Belltown lower Queen Anne
Aerial photo of the Seattle from Queen Anne
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Mayor Bruce Harrell Announces One Seattle Homelessness Action Plan

On May 31, 2022, Mayor Bruce Harrell makes major announcements regarding the City’s efforts to address homelessness. Mayor Harrell reveals the City’s public facing dashboard and detail ongoing and future efforts to address the homelessness crisis. Read More ›