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Little Saigon

You Sweep We Strike Grafitti

Far-Left Activists Threaten Property Damage if Seattle Sweeps Continue

Scoop Fliers found in #Seattle‘s Central District, threatening @MayorofSeattle @SeattleCouncil @SeattlePD @SeattleParks and anyone supporting homeless encampment removals. Group calling itself “You Sweep, We Strike Collective,” is encouraging “DIRECT ACTION.” Call to Action The letter lays out motive for threats of violence and playbook. Same Group Last APRIL, I broke story about homeless activists trashing @SeattleParks HQ on Dexter Ave. in #Seattle. More than dozen windows broken, several city cars spray painted/vandalized. They also left threatening msg saying, “You sweep we strike.” No One Ever Arrested In @SeattleParks HQ case last April, police say three men wearing all black hoodies and masks were behind brazen attack. But no one ever arrested. Vandals Strike April 2022 attack on @SeattleParks HQ happened Read More ›

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Seattle’s Little Saigon Descends into Economic War Zone

#Seattle‘s Little Saigon remains economic WAR ZONE. Illegal drug use and thriving black market. King County Sheriff’s Deputies patrolling tonight, but moment they leave mayhem starts again around corner at 12th and Jackson.

Dearborn Sweep

WSDOT Completes Removal of Homeless Encampment at 10th and Dearborn

Final Check @wsdot homeless encampment removal today at 10th/Dearborn in #Seattle, 11am. I spent Thursday night checking on peeps I’ve tracked since May. Many gathered here after SWEEPS. This area on outskirts of Little Saigon was used as massive drug den. Now What? Most of campers here have been housed for now. I’ve reached out to @WSDOT to ask how the agency plans to avoid another repeat performance of this encampment. Still waiting for a response. Campers broke the lock and moved in the last time around. Guidance for Campers Like other sweeps in Seattle, word would spread quickly in the homeless community about outreach and housing referrals. So there was a mad dash to get here in final weeks. Read More ›

Little Saigon

Return of Tents in Little Saigon Highlights Potential Enforcement Gray Area in Seattle

Gray Area @MayorofSeattle homeless plan says if tents show up in same spot(happening now in Little Saigon) after clearing, neighbors can contact city and crews will respond within 48hrs. But what if tents show up the across street? Do same enforcement standards apply? Reminder Here’s what Deputy Mayor Tiffany Washington said last week when I asked how they would respond if a tent or RV returned to the same area after a clearing. Email or Find It Fix It, and city is supposed to address within 48 hrs. Just to Be Clear When city cleared S. Weller St last month, tents and structures were all set up on only one side of the street. Now there’s a new tent on Read More ›