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sun palm trees
Sun shining through tall palm trees. Summer, fashion, travel, vacation, tourism, lifestyle and weather concept.
Sun shining through tall palm trees. Summer, fashion, travel, vacation, tourism, lifestyle and weather concept.

Like a Dystopia, Only California

For years, the left argued that not enforcing "quality of life" laws was the humane and enlightened approach that would lead to more livable cities. But all they got was a toxic stew. Read More ›
Aurora Ave Sweep

Homeless Encampment in Lichton Springs Finally Cleared

Happening Now N.96th St. homeless encampment in Seattle being cleared. But already many positive developments. At least 4 tiny house referrals and several motel vouchers accepted. But some campers are choosing to move to another neighborhood. On going story as clean ups continue. Immediate Action Unclear who did this, but someone already put out these concrete blocks on a spot that used to have several tents here on N.96th St., to prevent others from coming in. Here We Go Again Crews cleared multiple tents on N.96th St. this morning in Seattle. Outreach groups referred homeless into some form of shelter. But moments ago, neighbors confronted camper who returned. This can’t become the norm. Parting Words N.96th St. homeowners complained daily Read More ›

Bellevue Homeless Attack

Exclusive: Shocking New Footage of Attack on Homeless Man in Bellevue

Exclusive I have obtained surveillance footage showing vicious attack on Eric Larson at Bellevue Transit Center on July 10. He passed away Tuesday. He was a wheelchair bound HOMELESS man. Prosecutors say it was “unprovoked.” GABRIEL VARGAS-GARCIA is facing murder charge. Closer Look Absolutely tragic. GABRIEL VARGAS-GARCIA remains behind bars and will be arraigned later this month. This is another reminder, the HOMELESS community is extremely vulnerable. How We Got Here Prosecutors say 2 days before rampage, VARGAS-GARCIA was released from prison after time served on a sexual assault conviction. No audio in surveillance and Larson could not speak in hospital. So we may never know if words were exchanged. Homeless Community Grieving Larson was a regular at Congregations for Read More ›

Bellevue Transit Center

Bellevue’s Homeless Community Reeling After Attack On One of Their Own

Looking at the graphic photos and aftermath of this brutal beatdown is difficult even for the most hardened law enforcement veterans.. “This kind of cruelty is absolutely unacceptable. Investigators, prosecutors, who have seen the worst of the worst in people look at this case and are heartbroken,” says Casey McNerthney, spokesperson for the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.  These photos show 63 year old Eric Larson intubated with a fractured skull, unable to speak, and fighting for his life in the hospital.  Prosecutors say Larson is homeless and uses a wheelchair. Early Sunday morning at the Bellevue Transit Center in downtown, police say 25 year old Gabriel Vargas-Garcia  assaulted him.  “This was an unprovoked attack,” says McNerthney.  Authorities say Vargas-Garcia Read More ›

The Roman Forum in Rome at sunset
The Roman Forum in Rome at sunset

Debating Sinfulness and Homelessness in the Declining Roman Empire

Two of the most influential theologians in world history and the history of homelessness were born in (or maybe around) 354 A.D. I could announce it like a heavyweight championship boxing match: “From the north of the Roman empire, from an out-of-the-way island called Britain, stalks the preacher of perfection, Pelagius. From the south of the British empire, the province of Numidia in Africa, comes the master of disaster, Augustine.” Read More ›
Homeless Assault Camera Footage

Homeless Man Brutally Attacked in Downtown Bellevue

Warning: Graphic Photos One of the tragedies of homelessness is that the homeless themselves are often the victims of crimes. Case in point, an absolutely horrific and unprovoked attack was caught on camera in downtown Bellevue this past Sunday. Bellevue Police says a homeless man in a wheelchair was brutally assaulted at the Bellevue Transit Station early Sunday morning. In a story that has gone uncovered by local media, Eric Troy Larson is now fighting to stay alive. Latest Update Officials say Larson is in critical/stable condition and is dealing with a skull fracture and tremendous loss of blood. He remains unconscious and intubated, unable to talk. Larson is also an amputee. Serious Charges Prosecutors say 25 year old Gabriel Read More ›

A double row of tombstones decorated with colorful flowers
A double row of tombstones decorated with colorful flowers

King County to Bury More than 200 Homeless People Through Its ‘Indigent Remains Program’

Homeless Victims After this senseless attack on a homeless person, I’m being reminded of enormous challenges this vulnerable community faces on streets. Next month, King Co will bury more than 200 homeless people who’s families could not be located. Sobering Reality Take a moment to look at these names. All from different backgrounds and ethnicities. This is happening in King County. Likely an undercount.

The golden apse of the Basilica of Saint Paul outside the walls in Rome, Italy.
The golden apse of the Basilica of Saint Paul outside the walls in Rome, Italy.

Homelessness and Early Christianity

In my notes from the 1990s are two well-intentioned church bulletin announcements: “Thursday night: Dinner for the homeless.  Medication to follow,” and “Don't let homelessness kill you...let the church help.” Read More ›