Fix Homelessness How to rebuild human lives

What Works


Seattle CARE Team Helps the Homeless

Downtown Seattle is on the comeback trail and the CARE Crisis Team is helping move the needle in the right direction. Crews get dispatched with police, or cops call them to assist in situations that usually involve some type of mental health or substance abuse problem. Read More ›
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The Four Phases of Recovery at Forge Center

Last year I wrote about how formerly-homeless residents of the Orange County Rescue Mission in California could progress through an 18-month program in four phases that give them the readiness to live on their own. Through hard experience the Forge Center in Joplin, Missouri has also come up with four phases, with completion possible in 16 months. Read More ›
Rows of church benches. Selective focus.
Rows of church benches. Selective focus.

How Christian Homeless Shelters Are Changing

Over the years I visited other Christian shelters in California and Colorado, Texas and Missouri, and Illinois and Pennsylvania, and saw some fairly low common denominators. Read More ›