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Dangerous Levels of Meth in Rooms Delays Homeless Hotel Opening in Federal Way

Exclusive In joint investigation, @thehoffather and I uncovered REAL reason why opening is delayed at homeless hotel in Federal Way that used to be a Red Lion. King County found “high levels of methamphetamine” in rooms. Mayor and council left in dark. @KC_RHA @kcexec @GovInslee More to Come @thehoffather and I are dropping another related story next week. Feb. 6 the Public comment period ends for Stevenson Motel. Feb. 7 is the Federal Way City Council meeting. Going to be packed. @kcexec @GovInslee and other state law makers expected to be called out. @KC_RHA Temporary Shelter? Officials say former Red Lion was always supposed to one of the primary places to house homeless in Federal Way. But these meth related Read More ›

City of Lynnwood

Opposition Arises to New Lynnwood Opioid Clinic

Lynnwood Meeting Was Fire Tuesday night’s council meeting lasted nearly 4 hours. Bottom line, here’s consensus argument against @WADeptHealth allowing Acadia Healthcare to open OPIOID CLINIC near Boys & Girls Club. Opponents frame company as greedy corporation. Why Opioid Clinic is Needed Vast majority of room and most of #Lynnwood council say they want methadone clinic in low traffic area of city away from kids, biz, and homes. However some interpreted that as being a NIMBY. Here’s case for clinic at proposed site. What is Acadia Healthcare? Nation’s largest operator of “behavioral health” centers. If allowed to come in by @WADeptHealth, officials say it would be #Lynnwood‘s only clinic providing METHADONE. City already has detox centers but does not provide Read More ›

Little Saigon Market

Seattle’s Little Saigon Becomes Site of Black Market Goods

Happy New Year It’s only fitting in 2023, I’m filing first report in Seattle’s Little Saigon at 1am. Black market of stolen goods/drug den thriving. No police. Watch oblivious family walk through madness. Maybe @cmkshama will show up this year. Few Days Before Christmas 2022 Even in freezing cold, folks boosting and looking for last minute #Christmas gifts in #Chinatown-ID and 3rd Ave in Downtown #Seattle. Fentanyl and meth being smoked. Streets are a mess. Will 2023 be any different? Even After Recent Food Stamp Bust Dudes are still out here hustling in Little Saigon. Worst Kept Secret For months I have been tracking illegal sales and trade of EBT(food stamp)cards in #Seattle‘s Little Saigon. Little did I know, @SeattlePD Read More ›

Jackson in an Urban Center in Rural Tennessee
Jackson in an Urban Center in Rural Tennessee

Relief and dreams in Jackson, Tennessee

As Stephanie Woodley, 42, sat last month in the dayroom of Area Relief Ministries (ARM) in Jackson, Tenn., she said the stabbing of her ex-husband was no big deal. “The gash is only this big,” she said as she extended her right thumb and index finger to demonstrate a one-incher.  Woodley said her ex-husband tried to push their daughter, Maddie, down the stairs, so Maddie stabbed him. Maddie moved in with her aunt in Memphis, and Woodley was sleeping on the streets in Jackson, 88 miles away. Woodley’s dark almond eyes teared up: “I miss my daughter.”  Woodley showed the homescreen on her phone: a picture of Maddie standing next to a pink agapanthus flower. She said Maddie has offered Read More ›

Jonathan Choe Newmax

Jonathan Choe Joins Newsmax to Discuss Potential Homeless Megaplex in Seattle’s Chinatown District

It’s a National Story Did a quick wrap for @newsmax this morning on the WAR being waged by #Chinatown-ID community against Dow Constantine’s (@kcexec) HOMELESS MEGAPLEX. There are so many angles that need digging. More protests on way. Will have another update today. Still No Answers But looking forward to the next opportunity with Dow Constantine.