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Fox News: Theft Ring Targeting Local Businesses in Seattle

After Senior Fellow Jonathan Choe spoke with Dunn Lumber owner, Mike Dunn, about the impact of theft on his Seattle stores, Mike Dunn joined Fox News to share. Watch the clip on Fox News here. Watch Jonathan Choe’s exclusive coverage here.

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Jonathan Choe on Fox News: Seattle Man Chases Choe with Knife Threatening to Kill

Jonathan Choe joins Fox News to share footage of a man chasing him with a knife in downtown Seattle and discuss the failed policies that are leading to increased crime, violence, homelessness, and addiction.

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Jonathan Choe on Fox & Friends: Is Capitalism Causing Homelessness?

Jonathan Choe joins Fox & Friends to debunk the claim that capitalism is to blame for the homelessness crisis in our cities. Instead, he points to leadership continuing to push failed policy that neglects to address the root causes of the issue.