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Downtown Tents Used for Sale of Illicit Goods, Not Shelter

Housing First is Failing Seattle Times reporting @KC_RHA outreach workers downtown say many tents there are not used by homeless people as shelter to live and sleep, but for the sale of illicit goods. I’ve been reporting on this with VIDEO EVIDENCE for months.@mayorofseattle @CMAndrewJLewis @govinslee @kcexec “We can all see with our own eyes whether there are few people or not living on sidewalks and alleys and doorways. The complicating factor is that some of the disorder in downtown has been called “homelessness” but is not caused only by people without housing.” -John Scholes, CEO Downtown Seattle Association Whack a Mole I have never witnessed an encampment in #Seattle return this often. Tents along 3rd Ave near City Hall Read More ›

Mind of an Addict

Inside the Mind of an Addict

I have encountered so many men and women along drug corridors in downtown #Seattle and Little Saigon who steal to fuel their fentanyl/”blues” habit. Tony says guys who “boost” share strategies. They know legal system is like Swiss cheese. It’s a Network There are theft rings for sure. But there’s another vicious cycle playing out on streets of #Seattle and Little Saigon. Men and women, especially homeless, admit “boosting” items from stores to sell for fraction of price.Any proceeds raised are used to buy drugs. Legos are Red Hot The “boosters” tell me popular LEGO sets like Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter sell immediately on the streets. Collectors come to Little Saigon to buy. It’s wild. Police know this as Read More ›

Video still by Jonathan Choe, © Discovery Institute

Evolution of an Encampment

“Just a whole bunch of chaos" says a Licton Springs resident. Until the city acts, some neighbors are taking precautionary measures — adding more surveillance cameras, locking up their spigots, and putting covers on electrical outlets.  Read More ›
Licton Springs Tents

New Homeless Encampment Growing Worse in Licton Springs

Exclusive Dozens of complaints sent to @MayorofSeattle about what’s being called Seattle’s next PROBLEMATIC homeless encampment w/new tents being set up consistently. Water being stolen from houses, drug dealing, loud noise, and confrontations w/campers. FULL report coming up. Inconvenient Truth Watch exclusive video. Guy stealing water from faucets. Neighbors say he’s associated w/rapidly expanding homeless encampment in Licton Springs. Campers tell me they MOVED here after series of recent encampment clearings in Seattle. Community Outrage vs. Homeless Needs Been tracking evolution of this Seattle homeless encampment for weeks. Started off with only a few tents. Now it’s more than 20. Homeless tell me @MayorofSeattle needs to add portable toilets. But neighbors say that would enable them to stay. Sunday Afternoon Read More ›


Broken Down at the First Ave Bridge

The view from high above the First Avenue Bridge is breathtaking, with downtown Seattle on the horizon. But as you get closer to the ground, it looks like a third world country below.  Read More ›