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Licton Spring’s ‘Clement Place’ Shows Seattle is Falling Behind on Homeless Crisis

Complaints Stacking Up Homeowners near @DESCSeattle‘s Clement Place (“HOUSING FIRST” model) have documented numerous problems caused by SOME residents including fella in this video. Fights, drugs, attempted burglary. Neighbors claim DESC building managers ignoring them. Imagine Living Next to This Homeowners say NOT everyone living at @DESCSeattle Clement Place is a MENACE to neighborhood. But there are some well known characters like this woman who goes on shouting sprees at all hours. I have reached out to DESC but still no response. Rough Year for Neighbors This past summer, I also reported extensively on MASSIVE homeless encampment out of control in front of @DESCSeattle Clement Place. At the time, neighbors weren’t sure if the homeless or DESC residents were causing Read More ›

Video still by Jonathan Choe, © Discovery Institute

Evolution of an Encampment

“Just a whole bunch of chaos" says a Licton Springs resident. Until the city acts, some neighbors are taking precautionary measures — adding more surveillance cameras, locking up their spigots, and putting covers on electrical outlets.  Read More ›