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Dunn Lumber Hit by Theft Ring Targeting Seattle Businesses

Retail theft is a story all too familiar for business owners in Seattle.  At Dunn Lumber’s Lake Union and Greenlake locations, surveillance videos show break in after break in. “They’re coming over the fences, just walking in and out,” says General Manager Nick Winnem. Winnem tells me it’s “very difficult to run a retail operation” in Seattle thanks to brazen criminals ransacking stores like Dunn Lumber. Most of the thefts happen in the middle of the night, but Winnem says they occur during retail hours too. He tells me that power tools always go first and are easy to flip on the black market.  “This is something you see even at box stores,” he says when I ask if the problem Read More ›

Video Still by Jonathan Choe, © Discovery Institute

News’ Last Stand in Downtown Seattle’s “Economic Warzone”

There are two downtown Seattles. One that sparkles and shines for the Christmas holiday season, packed with shoppers and tourists in what appears to be a safe and inviting atmosphere. Then there’s the other. The lights are off and many store fronts remain shuttered along Third Avenue and Pike Street. Read More ›

Business Owners Facing Drug Epidemic on Their Own

Peters believes the on going break ins and theft in his neighborhood are being fueled by desperate drugs users, who sell stolen items to get their next fix. It's taking a human toll. Read More ›
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Stores Implement Counter-Shoplifting Measures

@QFCGrocery locations in #Seattle’s Capitol Hill, sick of being targeted by criminals. The company now taking matters into own hands, resorting to locks on ice cream fridges. Read More ›