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King County Creates Fenced-In Homeless Encampment in Burien

Last week, King County fenced in a grassy area for the homeless near the Burien courthouse and sheriff's department. It was an impromptu move to encourage people living on the streets to stay in this spot instead of the busy downtown core. But there's no oversight and some are concerned it will attract more homeless to this area. Read More ›

Burien Mayor Responds to Threats from King County Sheriff’s Deputies

Burien Mayor Kevin Schilling responding to King County Sheriff’s Deputies threatening to leave the job: "The City of Burien is focused on getting folks off the street and into shelter and services. The City Council prioritizes treatment over tents, and public safety over politics." Read More ›
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Burien Cops Threaten to Leave the City Over Handling of Homelessness Crisis

Burien cops threatening to leave the city over handling of the homeless camping ordinance and request to replace Chief Boe. Meanwhile, some city leaders want their own loyal police force and now looking at ways to move on from contract with the King County Sheriff's Office. Read More ›
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Disturbing 911 Audio from Low Barrier Seattle Facility

Chilling 911 dispatch call over the weekend in response to some sort of gruesome incident at DESC's Northstar building in Seattle. The operator describes a trail of blood coming from a room and leading to the elevator. It's unclear what happened but the operator goes on to say the female resident has a history of the son abusing her. Read More ›
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Burien Small Business Closes Due to Homelessness Crisis

Downtown Burien business Iris & Peony is exiting the city because of the unending homeless drug crisis playing out on the streets everyday. Owner Robyn Desimone says she can no longer make a living being a daily victim of vandalism and other crimes. Read More ›
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Burien Mayor Calls Out King County Leaders for Homelessness and Drug Crisis

In a public show of force, Burien Mayor Kevin Schilling blasted King County Executive Dow Constantine and Sheriff Patty Cole-Tindall, accusing them of allowing the homeless drug crisis to get worse on his streets. Schilling also claims Cole-Tindall is refusing to return calls or meet in person. Read More ›
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Memorial Erected to Remind Burien Homeless of Fentanyl Overdose Death

Giant cross now up in front of a drug encampment in downtown Burien. Hector Ramos owns this portion of the lot and wants to remind these men and women about the fentanyl overdose death that happened here last month. Maybe some of these people will find faith to take another step out of this mess. Read More ›

Burien Seeking Police Chief Replacement as Downtown Deteriorates

It appears embattled Burien Police Chief Ted Boe is heading out the door. Boe has not officially been fired. But Thursday evening, City Manager Adolfo Bailon sent out an email saying they are looking for his replacement. Read More ›