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Burien Coalition Forms to Address Crime and Homelessness Crisis 

Dozens of frustrated neighbors and business owners are mobilizing in Burien. They formed a coalition on Monday evening to address what they consider to be a failure on the part of city leadership to deal with public safety related to the homelessness crisis. According to attorney John Kannin, the coalition is preparing to launch a class action lawsuit against the City of Burien to recuperate their losses due to a homeless encampment around city hall and the library. Kannin says that taking legal action is “the only way to get any traction.” Although it is set to be cleared by the end of the month, the encampment has been a thorn in the side of the city due to its Read More ›

ship canal clear

Notorious Ship Canal Encampment Finally Cleared After Months of Pressure from Community

Breaking Gonna be a busy week for the Washington State Dept. of Transportation. Along with the #Chinatown-ID sweep, state will finally clear the notorious Ship Canal Bridge homeless encampment on MONDAY. It’s also been the scene of multiple fires, deaths, drug overdoses, fights, and other crimes. It’s right across the street from the John Stanford Int. School. Parents held a protest earlier this month to call out Governor Jay Insee (@GovInslee), @KC_RHA CEO Marc Dones, and other WSDOT (@wsdot) officials for allowing this encampment to remain in place for so long. #Seattle @wastatecommerce @mayorofseattle @seattlecouncil @KCCouncil @kcexec Major Protest Earlier this month, parents and neighbors launched a demonstration targeting Gov. Jay Inslee for allowing the Ship Canal Bridge homeless encampment Read More ›

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“Children Should be Protected” Says Seattle Parent on Upcoming Protest for Encampment Resolution

Protest Preview Parents, neighbors, and supporters will be mobilizing Friday in #Seattle‘s Wallingford neighborhood. They are trying to put more pressure on elected officials who have allowed the Ship Canal Bridge encampment to remain in place despite murders, fires, and on going drug use across the street from John Stanford International School. All elected officials have been invited. @GovInslee @wsdot @WAStateCommerce @MayorofSeattle @SeattleCouncil @KCCouncil @CMSaraNelson @CMTMosqueda @D5Juarez @kcexec Organizers say, “Advocating for our children’s safety is not advocating against the needs of the unsheltered.” GAME PLAN: Meet at 8:15am in the school parking lot, march past the encampment, then rally on walkway overlooking I-5. Parent Eli Hosher says he will be bringing donuts for the homeless and wants to engage Read More ›

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Dangerous Levels of Meth in Rooms Delays Homeless Hotel Opening in Federal Way

Exclusive In joint investigation, @thehoffather and I uncovered REAL reason why opening is delayed at homeless hotel in Federal Way that used to be a Red Lion. King County found “high levels of methamphetamine” in rooms. Mayor and council left in dark. @KC_RHA @kcexec @GovInslee More to Come @thehoffather and I are dropping another related story next week. Feb. 6 the Public comment period ends for Stevenson Motel. Feb. 7 is the Federal Way City Council meeting. Going to be packed. @kcexec @GovInslee and other state law makers expected to be called out. @KC_RHA Temporary Shelter? Officials say former Red Lion was always supposed to one of the primary places to house homeless in Federal Way. But these meth related Read More ›

Woman hand holds wooden house against the sun
Woman hand holds wooden house against the sun

Assessing Alternatives to Homelessness

Homeless people given their own apartments are often the same. We are apparently made for community with at least one other person. Read More ›
Lynnwood Business Leaders

Lynnwood Community Leaders Pushback Against Impending Opioid Clinic

Exclusive After he tried to dodge me TODAY, I confronted Dr. Dat Nguyen, owner of building that could be home to controversial #Lynnwood OPIOID CLINIC. Business owners in area including his tenant are asking Nguyen to reconsider deal with Acadia Healthcare. Massive Protest After multiple pleas with @WADeptHealth, Acadia Healthcare, and even City of #Lynnwood, coalition of neighbors and community stakeholders are protesting on Saturday. This will be one of many according to organizers. They are promising a PR nightmare. Latest from DOH @WADeptHealth sent out response to community concerns over proposed #Lynnwood OPIOID CLINIC that would be few hundred feet from Alderwood Boys & Girls Club. DOH being put on BLAST by neighbors. @LynnwoodTimes about to drop more details! Read More ›

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Discovery Institute Joins New Coalition to Confront Homelessness and Addiction

Birth of a New Movement This weekend policy makers, activists, and outreach workers from U.S. and Canada met in #Seattle to create powerful coalition confronting homelessness/addiction crisis. Responsibility of Media At this point, we all know mainstream media is NOT going to consistently cover these raw realities in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Philly, etc. @EricaJSandberg and other independent/citizen journos now tasked to fill this huge gap. Powerful Coalition It’s evident, “housing first” is not working and is liability for politicians who subscribe to this. Just look on streets of PNW/West Coast/Vancouver BC Canada. Prioritizing solutions for drug addiction and mental illness will be key to “housing earned.”