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Black Market

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Seattle’s Third Avenue and Chinatown Full of Overdoses, Meth Fumes, and Stolen Goods at Night

Downtown Madness Continues The warm weather is fueling a crush of illicit activity in the downtown #Seattle core this weekend. Dealers are out peddling fentanyl for as little as one dollar a pill. Once again there were multiple drug overdoses and the black market of stolen goods is flourishing. I was out late Saturday night into the early Sunday morning hours, focused primarily on 3rd Ave and #Chinatown-ID. The moment the sun sets, it gets absolutely wild. Even the classical music crowd exiting Benaroya Hall (@benaroyahall) got a taste of the “fetty” and meth fumes. Not enough police officers to keep up. There is no denying the severity of what’s happening to Coucilmember Andrew Lewis’ (@CMAndrewJLewis) district. Like I said, Read More ›

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Drug Crisis, Overdoses in Full View on Seattle’s Third Avenue

Nothing Has Changed I spent hours in downtown #Seattle on Saturday to see the illicit activity ebb and flow. This is the first weekend since Mayor Bruce Harrell (@mayorofseattle) announced his Downtown Activation Plan to clean up this mess. Most of the action is still concentrated at 3rd Ave & Pike St. near the Ross Store (@Ross_Stores.) But police emphasis patrols are now scattering drug addicts and dealers to other streets. The vestibules of empty store fronts remain popular spots to do fentanyl. Folks continue to use public transportation (@SoundTransit, @KingCountyMetro) to move stolen merchandise back and forth on to the streets. The black market is thriving and it’s a free for all. I also witnessed two men being saved Read More ›

You Sweep We Strike Grafitti

Far-Left Activists Threaten Property Damage if Seattle Sweeps Continue

Scoop Fliers found in #Seattle‘s Central District, threatening @MayorofSeattle @SeattleCouncil @SeattlePD @SeattleParks and anyone supporting homeless encampment removals. Group calling itself “You Sweep, We Strike Collective,” is encouraging “DIRECT ACTION.” Call to Action The letter lays out motive for threats of violence and playbook. Same Group Last APRIL, I broke story about homeless activists trashing @SeattleParks HQ on Dexter Ave. in #Seattle. More than dozen windows broken, several city cars spray painted/vandalized. They also left threatening msg saying, “You sweep we strike.” No One Ever Arrested In @SeattleParks HQ case last April, police say three men wearing all black hoodies and masks were behind brazen attack. But no one ever arrested. Vandals Strike April 2022 attack on @SeattleParks HQ happened Read More ›

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Seattle’s Little Saigon Descends into Economic War Zone

#Seattle‘s Little Saigon remains economic WAR ZONE. Illegal drug use and thriving black market. King County Sheriff’s Deputies patrolling tonight, but moment they leave mayhem starts again around corner at 12th and Jackson.

Little Saigon Market

Seattle’s Little Saigon Becomes Site of Black Market Goods

Happy New Year It’s only fitting in 2023, I’m filing first report in Seattle’s Little Saigon at 1am. Black market of stolen goods/drug den thriving. No police. Watch oblivious family walk through madness. Maybe @cmkshama will show up this year. Few Days Before Christmas 2022 Even in freezing cold, folks boosting and looking for last minute #Christmas gifts in #Chinatown-ID and 3rd Ave in Downtown #Seattle. Fentanyl and meth being smoked. Streets are a mess. Will 2023 be any different? Even After Recent Food Stamp Bust Dudes are still out here hustling in Little Saigon. Worst Kept Secret For months I have been tracking illegal sales and trade of EBT(food stamp)cards in #Seattle‘s Little Saigon. Little did I know, @SeattlePD Read More ›