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Black Market

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Black Markets, Drug Dens Thriving in Downtown Seattle

With the summer months right around the corner, I just did a quick drive by of 3rd Ave & Pike St in downtown Seattle. Black market of stolen goods and the fentanyl drug den continues to thrive. It's worse than ever. Read More ›
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Drug Addiction in Seattle’s Chinatown

It's tweaker hell right now at 12th Ave & Jackson St in Seattles' Chinatown-ID. Open air black market of stolen goods is also thriving. There are times this place looks like it's on the comeback trail. But tonight, I'm sticking to some drive-by reporting. Read More ›

Without Cops on Patrol, Little Saigon Drug Use and Sale of Stolen Goods Come Back to Life

That Didn’t Take Long Tuesday afternoon, 12th Ave & Jackson St was clear. The open air drug use was gone. No more sales of stolen merchandise. Actually saw a clean sidewalk. But by sunset, it was back to business as usual at this notorious intersection in Seattle’s Little Saigon neighborhood. The common denominator, no more cops on patrol at night. Btw, a lot of the hustlers now use baby strollers to transport stolen merch and drugs. They say it puts people at ease and cops are less likely to check. Why didn’t I think of that? The one lone bright spot, volunteers with Mosaic Church feeding some of the fellas and providing supplies. They come out here every Tuesday night.


International District Drug Den Active Hours After Nearby Shooting

Slow Night Just hours after a shooting near 12th Ave & Jackson St. Tuesday evening, the open air drug den and black market of stolen goods only had around 60 people. Most nights this place is packed with more than 100 peeps. How low are you willing to go if you are trying to flip a stolen toy kitchen for $10 bucks? For real. I want to say the city’s new drug bill is working, but we’re just in the “educational” phase. No one is really being arrested for smoking fentanyl. They’re just being told to move along. CM Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales, @TammyMoralesSEA) voted against this watered down drug bill. But she has no solutions to address this on going Read More ›


Black Markets and Drug Dens Take Over Seattle’s Chinatown

Worse Than Ever Despite progress being made to improve other parts of Seattle, Mayor Bruce Harrell’s (@MayorofSeattle) administration just can’t figure out the 12th Ave & Jackson St. disaster in Chinatown-ID. This is a FULL BLOWN take over by street thugs, drug addicts, dealers, and even Asian grandmas buying stolen goods in the black market. They also blast loud music at all hours of the day and the trash situation is out of control. Go there right now and see for yourself. In the three and a half years covering this crime corner, I have reported on shootings, stabbings, fights, drug dealing, thefts, graffiti vandalism, small biz leaving, sales of stolen goods, etc. But I have also seen efforts to Read More ›

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Elderly Face Danger on Public Transportation in International District’s Black Market

Failing Neighborhood How can the city of #Seattle allow drug addicts to take over #Chinatown-ID? 12th Ave and Jackson St. is out of control on Tuesday evening. It isn’t even a weekend night, but the black market of stolen goods is lit! Large cans of Almond Roca for $2 dollars. Rib eye steaks being sold for $5 bucks a piece. Fentanyl foil everywhere. People zonked out of their minds. Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales) has given up on this part of her district. Meanwhile, I had to escape on to a King County Metro bus after some enraged dudes started coming at me. This is truly “TAMMY TOWN.” When is it Going to Stop? That’s what Asian American senior citizens in Read More ›

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Seattle’s Third Avenue and Chinatown Full of Overdoses, Meth Fumes, and Stolen Goods at Night

Downtown Madness Continues The warm weather is fueling a crush of illicit activity in the downtown #Seattle core this weekend. Dealers are out peddling fentanyl for as little as one dollar a pill. Once again there were multiple drug overdoses and the black market of stolen goods is flourishing. I was out late Saturday night into the early Sunday morning hours, focused primarily on 3rd Ave and #Chinatown-ID. The moment the sun sets, it gets absolutely wild. Even the classical music crowd exiting Benaroya Hall (@benaroyahall) got a taste of the “fetty” and meth fumes. Not enough police officers to keep up. There is no denying the severity of what’s happening to Coucilmember Andrew Lewis’ (@CMAndrewJLewis) district. Like I said, Read More ›