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“Shamed for listening to our voters,” Kenmore Deputy Mayor Responds to Criticism

Breaking Kenmore Deputy Mayor Melanie O’Cain just blasted WA Governor Jay Inslee, King County Executive Dow Constantine, and state Democrats after they apparently criticized her city for blocking Plymouth Housing from setting up shop in downtown. Sources also say Governor Inslee verbally dressed down the progressive wing of the Kenmore council for failing to carry out his will on “affordable housing.” “Listening to our community and being shamed by our County Executive, and our Governor, and members of the Democratic party throughout our region is really galling.” -Deputy Mayor Melanie O’Cain O’Cain went on to say community input was crucial for Democracy and emphasized the importance of due diligence before making a decision. Kenmore spent more than a year considering Read More ›


Governor Candidate Semi Bird Reacts to Seattle’s Fentanyl Crisis

Top Priorities Republican gubernatorial candidate Semi Bird (@bird4governor) says he’s moving away from failed “housing first” and “harm reduction” policies if he wins in WA. Recently, I walked with him through encampments in Seattle and watched as he collaborated with several faith based outreach groups in the city. Bird is an evangelical Christian. I also got a preview of some of his top priorities which includes mobilizing the National Guard to build drug addiction and mental health treatment facilities outside busy urban cores. Bird has skin in the game after losing his nephew to a drug overdose and says he will intervene and require treatment for addicts living on the streets. As for his competition, Bird is already taking shots Read More ›


“We’ve got to address the substance abuse,” Gov Candidate Reichert Says

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dave Reichert (@reichert4gov) is already planning to tackle the state's homeless, mental health, and drug crisis with a radically different approach. Read More ›

Murderer Stayed at Low-Barrier Church Shelter, Leaders Knew of Allegations

Breaking Arrest finally made in Burien homeless homicide investigation. Authorities say Nathaniel Scott stabbed Robert Thomas multiple times under the 146th Street bridge in December and left him to die. Scott allegedly confessed, but said the knife was simply used as a deterrent after Thomas blocked his pathway. Both men were homeless at the time. Court documents show Scott was living at the controversial Oasis Home Church encampment. Burien Community Support Coalition led by former city councilmember Cydney Moore is still running daily operations at the camp. She has not responded to my requests for comment. Oasis Pastor Mark Miller says he has no comment at this time. I’m being told Moore and Miller knew about the allegations but still Read More ›


Kenmore Residents Challenge $37mil Housing Project

Homeless Industrial Complex As I pointed out on Thursday, Plymouth Housing’s (@PlymouthHousing) website says the Kenmore facility is opening in 2025. Problem is, it hasn’t been approved by the city council. Based on last night’s vote, it’s likely toast. So I asked Plymouth CEO Karen Lee why her non-profit would take this presumptive posture. She declined to answer all my questions, including the one about failures of “housing first.” As I tried to squeeze in more questions, one of her handlers blocked my path and bumped me numerous times. It got so heated, a Kenmore cop had to intervene. Bottom line, the public must demand more transparency from all homeless non-profits. In my experience covering this beat, the ones that Read More ›


Kenmore City Council Blocks Low Barrier Housing Project

Breaking Kenmore City Council votes 6-1 to block controversial Plymouth Housing project (@PlymouthHousing) from coming into downtown. Angry residents claimed it was pitched as affordable housing for veterans and senior citizens. But then it got switched to housing for the chronically homeless and drug addicted individuals. Bottom line, Kenmore is saying “housing first” is a failure and the “low barrier” free for all drug culture will not be tolerated. This could set a precedent for other King County cities facing similar proposals from other housing providers. Numerous people said, “We don’t want to become the next Seattle.” FINAL VOTE: Nigel Herbig-No David Baker-No Angela Kugler-No Joe Marshall-No Melanie O’Cain-No Debra Srebnik-No Corina Pfeil-Yes The other part of the story, this Read More ›