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King County “Insisted it Be Kept a Secret From the Public”, Council Voting on Kirkland Homeless Hotel

Exclusive Kirkland Council member Toby Nixon (@tobylnixon) says Tuesday night’s council meeting could get interesting and shared insights on how he plans to vote on the “final agreement” that would green-light a controversial homeless hotel at the former La Quinta Inn (@LQ). Nixon is also talking about some of the strong arm tactics being used by King County Executive Dow Constantine’s (@kcexec) team, as they inevitably try to march these projects into other cities. As for the Kirkland deal, Nixon says King County, “insisted that it be kept a secret from the public.” Like most of Dow’s homeless hotels, neighbors find out last minute and then protests erupt. In this case, a lawsuit has also been filed by angry parents Read More ›

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Nearly 40 Homeless People Kicked Out of Seattle Hotel after Numerous Violations

Thomas says several other homeless men and women violated rules by smoking drugs in their rooms and inviting guests without permission.  A source close to the situation says a hotel staff member was also assaulted by a homeless man. Read More ›
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Dangerous Levels of Meth in Rooms Delays Homeless Hotel Opening in Federal Way

Exclusive In joint investigation, @thehoffather and I uncovered REAL reason why opening is delayed at homeless hotel in Federal Way that used to be a Red Lion. King County found “high levels of methamphetamine” in rooms. Mayor and council left in dark. @KC_RHA @kcexec @GovInslee More to Come @thehoffather and I are dropping another related story next week. Feb. 6 the Public comment period ends for Stevenson Motel. Feb. 7 is the Federal Way City Council meeting. Going to be packed. @kcexec @GovInslee and other state law makers expected to be called out. @KC_RHA Temporary Shelter? Officials say former Red Lion was always supposed to one of the primary places to house homeless in Federal Way. But these meth related Read More ›

Federal Way Homeless Hotel

King County Seeks to Turn Federal Way Motel Into Temporary Homeless Shelter

Homeless Motel King County’s latest move is not a purchase but permit application to convert Stevenson Motel into temp shelter in #FederalWay. However it’s already drawing scrutiny from some city leaders and KOREAN immigrant biz community next door.

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King County Executive Constantine Provides Update on ‘Homeless Hotels’

Homeless Hotels Former Extended Stay in Seattle’s Northgate neighborhood is coming on-line this month. More than 130 people moving in as part of Health Through Housing Initiative. Even with support services, some neighbors concerned of potential problems that could follow. More on the Way Seattle based non-profit DESC will be running the Northgate location. No security guards on site but they say trained staff will be there to address potential problems. County leaders trying to re-assure communities. Update The former Redmond Silver Cloud Inn was scheduled to be used as a homeless hotel but county had no staff to run it. So now it is still being used by Afghan refugees at least until early fall. Many neighbors and biz Read More ›