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Police Respond to Fight at Church Migrant Encampment

Tensions Rise Late Tuesday evening, police say a fight erupted on the grounds of Riverton Park United Methodist Church in Tukwila, home to hundreds of people seeking asylum. One of the migrant men allegedly showed a knife but no one got stabbed. It’s unclear if anyone was taken into custody but cops say everything is now under control. Drain on Resources The 911 calls to the church for fights and other altercations continue to drain resources from the city. Violent Fights There are reports of violent fights between minors and adults, along with dozens of calls to the police for other criminal activities.


Tukwila Transit Riders Face People in Crisis on Their Commute

Disastrous Commute Thursday morning, staff at Tukwila Station say this homeless guy was stumbling around and in really bad shape. Witnesses say he was seen consuming alcohol and drugs. Medics were called and riders expressed concern. But he was eventually allowed to board a King County Metro (@KingCountyMetro) bus in terrible shape. Now you know why so many people are afraid of taking public transportation. By the way, these major transit hubs are littered with foil and addicts are always nearby smoking fentanyl in plain sight. These spots really need priority policing.