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Seattle’s Little Saigon Descends into Economic War Zone

#Seattle‘s Little Saigon remains economic WAR ZONE. Illegal drug use and thriving black market. King County Sheriff’s Deputies patrolling tonight, but moment they leave mayhem starts again around corner at 12th and Jackson.

Seattle Homicide

Updated: Seattle Suffers First Homicide of the Year

Seattle’s First Homicide of 2023 @SeattlePD wrapped presser at @DESCSeattle Canaday House. Police say female resident killed by a man who was eventually arrested. #DESC properties continue to deal with high rates of complaints and 911 calls. On Going Problems @DESCSeattle‘s Canaday House is one of several “housing first” projects in #Seattle. But places like The Morrison, Lyon Building, and Clement Place deal with rash of neighbor complaints about drug use and other issues spilling into streets. New Year Same Problems @HomicideSeattle, has anyone pulled 911 calls to these @DESCSeattle properties in #Seattle? If millions of dollars are being spent to build more of this “supportive housing,” who’s tracking the impact on the community? New Details 46 year old Read More ›

Little Saigon Market

Seattle’s Little Saigon Becomes Site of Black Market Goods

Happy New Year It’s only fitting in 2023, I’m filing first report in Seattle’s Little Saigon at 1am. Black market of stolen goods/drug den thriving. No police. Watch oblivious family walk through madness. Maybe @cmkshama will show up this year. Few Days Before Christmas 2022 Even in freezing cold, folks boosting and looking for last minute #Christmas gifts in #Chinatown-ID and 3rd Ave in Downtown #Seattle. Fentanyl and meth being smoked. Streets are a mess. Will 2023 be any different? Even After Recent Food Stamp Bust Dudes are still out here hustling in Little Saigon. Worst Kept Secret For months I have been tracking illegal sales and trade of EBT(food stamp)cards in #Seattle‘s Little Saigon. Little did I know, @SeattlePD Read More ›

Mind of an Addict

Inside the Mind of an Addict

I have encountered so many men and women along drug corridors in downtown #Seattle and Little Saigon who steal to fuel their fentanyl/”blues” habit. Tony says guys who “boost” share strategies. They know legal system is like Swiss cheese. It’s a Network There are theft rings for sure. But there’s another vicious cycle playing out on streets of #Seattle and Little Saigon. Men and women, especially homeless, admit “boosting” items from stores to sell for fraction of price.Any proceeds raised are used to buy drugs. Legos are Red Hot The “boosters” tell me popular LEGO sets like Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter sell immediately on the streets. Collectors come to Little Saigon to buy. It’s wild. Police know this as Read More ›


Fire Erupts at Chinatown Homeless Encampment

Exclusive Another fire erupts at PROBLEMATIC homeless encampment on @WSDOT property in #Seattle‘s #Chinatown-ID. Inferno torched several tents. No injuries but biz owners are furious and want #WSDOT to SWEEP. Even @SeattlePD calling out state agency. Calling Out WSDOT I’ve obtained this email sent out by @SeattlePD to a concerned #Chinatown-ID community. Still waiting for @wsdot to respond to my questions. Bottom line, when will this encampment be cleared? It’s been on state highway property for months. Victimized Again Vuu’s Beauty School is taking the brunt of all the problems associated with this homeless encampment on @WSDOT property. Kim Nguyen owns the place and asks, when will @GovInslee start considering the needs of #Chinatown-ID businesses? No Response From WSDOT I Read More ›

Greenwood Shooting

Greenwood Neighborhood Holds Public Safety Town Hall

Happening Tonight Major public safety Town Hall in #Seattle‘s Greenwood neighborhood at Taproot Theater, 6pm. Last week, kids were collecting signatures, to demand immediate ACTION from elected officials. Might be presented tonight. Huge Development Neighbors at the Janus Apartments say the “SQUATTER” is now officially out! Guarantee this evening, that issue will come up at the public safety meeting. Residents want to know how you prevent something like this from happening again? Shooting Suspect Still on the Run Unfortunately, authorities have not captured this man, wanted for shooting COURAGEOUS security guard hired to patrol the Janus because of the SQUATTER and associated issues. Good news, guard is recovering. Impossible to Ignore And the homeless crisis and tent encampments growing in Read More ›

Poor tired depressed hungry homeless man holding a cardboard h
Poor tired depressed hungry homeless man holding a cardboard house. with "help" handwritten text on cardboard. nostalgia and hope concept.

Discovery Institute Releases National Report on Homelessness

The problems linked to homelessness, including substance abuse, mental illness, and crime, are increasing in America despite untold sums of government money spent to address this complex problem. Read More ›
Jackson in an Urban Center in Rural Tennessee
Jackson in an Urban Center in Rural Tennessee

Relief and dreams in Jackson, Tennessee

As Stephanie Woodley, 42, sat last month in the dayroom of Area Relief Ministries (ARM) in Jackson, Tenn., she said the stabbing of her ex-husband was no big deal. “The gash is only this big,” she said as she extended her right thumb and index finger to demonstrate a one-incher.  Woodley said her ex-husband tried to push their daughter, Maddie, down the stairs, so Maddie stabbed him. Maddie moved in with her aunt in Memphis, and Woodley was sleeping on the streets in Jackson, 88 miles away. Woodley’s dark almond eyes teared up: “I miss my daughter.”  Woodley showed the homescreen on her phone: a picture of Maddie standing next to a pink agapanthus flower. She said Maddie has offered Read More ›


Safety Concerns Rise Over Potential Homeless Megaplex in Chinatown

More Public Safety Concerns Now @SeattlePD Interim Chief Adrian Diaz questioning @kcexec‘s HOMELESS MEGAPLEX. “Have we thought this out? Have we done our homework?”-Diaz More From Seattle’s Top Cop Diaz says he drives through #Chinatown-ID everyday. “When you actually have the #CID, that is actually the area that has the most shootings in our city. So you can add literally the most violent crime in our city in that area.”-Diaz Unfair Burden Diaz RECOGNIZES @kcexec decision to dump ANOTHER homeless shelter near #Seattle‘s #CID. “When we start putting more services in that area as far as like housing services like the Navigation Center…this community is already struggling with what is going on.”-Diaz Seattle’s Top Law Enforcement Officials So now you Read More ›