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Fox News: Theft Ring Targeting Local Businesses in Seattle

After Senior Fellow Jonathan Choe spoke with Dunn Lumber owner, Mike Dunn, about the impact of theft on his Seattle stores, Mike Dunn joined Fox News to share. Watch the clip on Fox News here. Watch Jonathan Choe’s exclusive coverage here.

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Crisis in Downtown Seattle Shows no Sign of Stopping

Mother’s Day Weekend Madness The warm weather is bringing out even more open air drug use and dealers in downtown #Seattle and the #Chinatown-ID area. I’m seeing clusters of people passed out on the streets as locals remain desensitized and tourists literally just walk past the problem. The black market of stolen goods is hopping. People are jumping on and off the King County Metro (@KingCountyMetro) buses with tons of stolen merchandise. It comes and goes in waves. Without fail, evenings are the worst. Might as well call in the National Guard (@WANationalGuard) for a weekend stint. Can’t hurt right? It’s now been about a month since Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) announced his Downtown Activation Plan and signed the Executive Read More ›

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Bellevue Police Reports Reveal Constant Altercations with Homeless Man Living at Dog Park

Chris Wilson resides in Bellevue’s Robinswood Dog Park. Depending on who you ask, he’s either a well-known homeless man trying to get by, or an unhinged menace plagued by drug addiction and mental illness. Wilson is known for his erratic behavior at the park. “For the most part, I avoid him,” says Katherine McCarter who claims she was assaulted by Wilson last month after petting his dog. McCarter says she “never dreamed that this level of viciousness would come out,” and captured the entire encounter on a body camera. Bellevue Police officers responded to her call, and separated McCarter and Wilson when they arrived. Body cam footage from McCarter shows her telling officers that Wilson was in her face and Read More ›

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Journalist Jonathan Choe Punched While Covering Fentanyl Crisis in Seattle

National Guard Time? This is now the third weekend in a row I’ve been out to the downtown #Seattle core since Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) announced his Downtown Activation Plan and signed the Executive Order to address the fentanyl crisis. HOT SPOTS: 3rd Ave & Pike street/ 12th Ave and Jackson St/ 3rd Ave & Cherry St/Westlake Park Easily one of the worst weekends for open air drug use and the thriving black market of stolen goods. There were also more drug overdoses. This is all happening with construction projects in the area. But even that did not keep the addicts and dealers away. We haven’t hit the warm summer months in the city. Imagine how bad it’s going to Read More ›

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San Francisco Does Detroit

I left San Francisco just in time — at the end of 2016. Sure, I saw the occasional junkie shooting up in public when I still worked in the city. And yes, I saw men use the sidewalk at the intersection of 5th and Market Streets as a toilet. But I never saw swarms of shoplifters emptying pharmacy shelves. If I needed new shoes, I could pop over to Nordstrom at the Westfield San Francisco Centre at 5th and Market. The number of friends who had stopped going into the city entirely — and switched to shopping in suburban malls — was unsettling, but tourists could help fill the gap. This week, sadly, Nordstrom announced it won’t renew its lease Read More ›

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This is the New Seattle, It’s Out of Control

Total Disaster It keeps getting worse on 3rd Ave & Cherry St in downtown #Seattle, just one block from City Hall. More “trap tents” have been set up by the same folks this weekend. Many are DESC (@DESCSeattle) residents who just spill out into the street and hang out, smoking fentanyl and conducting illicit activity. This drug den continues to draw all kinds of bad actors to the area. Even though city sweeps are happening weekly, it just keeps on coming back! On occasion folks like Mac Larkin will accidentally wander on to this notorious intersection. He immediately regretted it. Watch this interview. It pretty much sums up the state of the Emerald City. Once again, some random homie recognized Read More ›

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Fuel Stolen Nightly from USPS Trucks by Homeless in Seattle

You can see, and smell, the gasoline staining the black top at Wallingford, Seattle’s United States Postal Service (USPS) station. But these aren’t your usual spills. John Pierce is a supervisor at the Wallingford station and says for the past few years, several homeless men have been siphoning gas from his delivery trucks in the parking lot. The men even go underneath the vehicles to cut fuel lines. “Every day’s a challenge,” says Pierce who tells me that the men “collect [gas] with a bucket” and siphon it out of their trucks with hoses. One of the postal service’s most prolific offenders comes by in broad daylight to steal fuel. The man has removed the license plates from his blue Ford Read More ›

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Jonathan Choe on Fox News: Seattle Man Chases Choe with Knife Threatening to Kill

Jonathan Choe joins Fox News to share footage of a man chasing him with a knife in downtown Seattle and discuss the failed policies that are leading to increased crime, violence, homelessness, and addiction.

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“You are gonna die,” Jonathan Choe Chased by Man With Knife Threatening to Kill

Crazy Town Gets Crazier Another insane Monday afternoon in downtown #Seattle. I was doing my usual rounds, about to report some POSITIVE NEWS regarding the encampment sweep at 3rd Ave & Pike St this morning. Mayor Bruce Harrell (@mayorofseattle) defending the corner from “trap tents” that are set up consistently to sell drugs just a block away from City Hall. Most of these folks are not homeless people. Many live in the nearby DESC buildings, hang out, and attract even more problems. As usual, I wanted to show the progress. But one fella didn’t want me pointing the camera at all the drug activity. So he pulled out a knife and started chasing me! He also threatened to kill me Read More ›

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Olympia’s Problems Continue, Crime at Retail Stores

More Olympia Problems This is wild. Just minutes from Governor Jay Inslee’s (@GovInslee) Mansion and the Capitol Campus, workers at this Starbucks (@Starbucks, @StarbucksNews) on Martin Way say some nut job recently smashed the drive-thru screen with a golf club. So the store no longer allows indoor seating for safety reasons! Employees also say thefts along with smash and grabs are spiking in this strip mall with Hobby Lobby (@HobbyLobby) and several other chain stores. Meanwhile, a problematic homeless encampment next door on WSDOT (@WSDOT) property is exploding out of control. It’s been allowed to flourish since last year. It’s now packed with more than 30 tents and structures. Fires are also constantly breaking out at this camp. Many biz Read More ›