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Bellevue Serial Squatters Facing Fourth Eviction While Landlord Runs for State Senate

Deadbeat tenants Sang and Youjin Kim are now facing eviction for the fourth time after failing to pay rent on a $2M house in Bellevue. Landlord Jaskaran Singh knows the courts are still backed up but is patiently waiting it out. He's now ramping up for more protests and is also running for WA State Senate to help fix this broken system. Read More ›
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Bellevue Landlord Leads Protest at Councilmember’s Home

Saturday afternoon, Bellevue cops showed up and essentially ambushed Jaskaran Singh with a second Temporary Protection Order filed by serial squatter Sang Kim. But in an impromptu move, Singh led protestors to councilmember John Stokes' house. Read More ›
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Serial Squatter Threatens Landlord’s Kids

Bellevue serial squatter Sang Kim is now allegedly making threats against landlord Jaskaran Singh's young kids. Court documents show a text thread where Kim is basically saying he plans on filing a police report to ruin any chance of Singh's children getting into college. Read More ›
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Commissioner Dismisses Protection Order Against Bellevue Landlord

Huge win for Bellevue landlord Jaskaran Singh. Monday morning, a King County court commissioner dismissed the Temporary Protection Order filed against him by serial squatter Sang Kim. Read More ›