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People support each other in a rehab session
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Community — Not Housing — First

Can people, laden with childhood traumas plus the hard experience of years of homelessness, overcome their pasts? On a Monday afternoon in May, I threw that question at Alan Graham, founder and CEO of Austin's Community First! Village (CFV), where close to 400 formerly homeless humans now live. Read More ›
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Fentanyl Fuels Drug-Riddled Streets in Seattle’s Chinatown

Another disastrous summer underway in Seattle's Chinatown-ID. The Little Saigon hood is overwhelmed with drug addicts and a robust black market of stolen goods. No cops in sight. What will it take for Councilmember Tammy Morales to prioritize this part of her district? Read More ›
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A Normal Tuesday Evening in Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle remains a mess. Even on a weeknight, the black market of stolen goods is thriving at 3rd Ave & Pike St. Drug addicts are passed out everywhere. Remember this was supposed to change with the Mayor's Downtown Activation Plan and a new moderate city council? Read More ›
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Drugs Thrive a Block Away from Seattle’s Pride Parade

As Sunday's Seattle Pride Parade made its way through downtown, the drug dealers and addicts were operating just a block away on 3rd Ave & Pike St. How is this still being allowed? Read More ›
Inside of a homeless shelter
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Homelessness is Exceptionally Hard to Solve

Sunrise pastor Mark Hilbelink said its navigation center last year helped more than 800 people get off the streets. Michael Busby was typical among those who benefited. He told the press that Sunrise staffers "helped me out a lot. They helped me restore my sanity. They help out with housing, they help out with medication, they keep your meds for you, and they give them out to you every day or every week." Read More ›
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Fentanyl Addiction and Prostitution in Broad Daylight on Seattle’s Aurora Ave

In under two minutes, watch what happens on Seattle's Aurora Ave N. on a daily basis. Fentanyl addicts and prostitutes still dominate this hood. Btw, there were kids in this Arco gas station when I rolled up Monday afternoon to get a soda. Read More ›
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Dow Constantine Is Wrong on Homelessness

If you think addiction or mental illness contribute to homelessness, King County Executive Dow Constantine is here to tell you you're wrong. But what does his source of authority, University of Washington researcher Gregg Colburn, actually say? Let's unpack "Homelessness is a Housing Problem." Read More ›
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Seattle Building Destroyed by Fire Regularly Used by Homeless and Drug Addicts

Seattle Fire crews still dealing with hot spots inside a vacant building at the corner of 10th Ave & Jackson St. in Chinatown-ID. At this point, investigators say the cause of the Monday morning fire is still unclear. But neighbors say homeless people and drug addicts have been breaking into this property and squatting. No reports of injuries. Read More ›
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Fire Sets Multiple Tents Ablaze in Burien Courthouse Encampment

First major fire at the Burien courthouse encampment. Multiple tents torched. Witnesses say a woman fell asleep and left a candle burning Sunday evening. Cops arrested her for an outstanding warrant. Otherwise, everyone got out safe but one cat is still missing. Read More ›
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“I was OD’ing and she left me there to die”

My latest collaboration with 6'7" Kevin. One of the few independent journalists going into America's drug encampments and emerging with incredible narratives. Follow him. Read More ›