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Police Increase Presence in Little Saigon, Neighbors Grateful

Positive Signs Neighbors in Little Saigon are thrilled to see Seattle Police patrols Tuesday afternoon near 12th Ave & Jackson St. They say officers are trying to make clear distinctions between people simply waiting to catch the bus VS. the drug addicts smoking fentanyl and selling stolen merchandise on the corner. Need more of this each day.


SPD Brilliantly Handles Mental Health Crisis Downtown

Downtown Insanity Late Tuesday morning, Seattle Police (@SeattlePD) officers swarmed the encampment at the corner of 3rd Ave and Cherry St, just a block away from City Hall. The officers conducted a master class on responding to this mental health crisis. Look at the patience and care shown to this women who was literally spitting in the face of these officers. Thankfully the incident ended peacefully. Now imagine an unarmed social worker going into this scene without police? Well, that could happen very soon in this city. As Katie Daviscourt (@KatieDaviscourt) first reported, Councilmember Lisa Herbold (@Lisa_Herbold) is leading the charge to hire six unarmed “crisis responders” instead of police officers for emergency calls through a new 911 Dual Dispatch/Alternate Read More ›


Body Cam: Light Rail Stabber Arrested on Train by Seattle Police

Stabbing Rampage New body cam video shows Ismail Brown being arrested after he allegedly stabbed Tin Vi Pham nearly 20 times on a Sound Transit train (@SoundTransit, @SoundTransitCEO) last month. Brown is scheduled to be in court again on Tuesday. Look at the professionalism being shown by Seattle Police Officers (@SeattlePD) after this violent encounter. Based on the narrative, several passengers are also being called heroes for intervening on Pham’s behalf. Authorities say one rider used his duffle bag to soften the blows from this unprovoked knife attack. Brown is a repeat offender with clear signs of mental illness. Why was he out roaming the city’s streets? Safety Concerns Earlier this month, King County Executive Dow Constantine (@kcexec) talked about Read More ›

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Seattle Fire Saves Lives as City Averages 2 to 3 Overdoses a Day

Another OD Save People ask me how I capture footage of so many fentanyl overdoses in #Seattle. It’s not a real secret. All I do is follow the ambulances and sirens. Friday afternoon, all the commotion led me to the corner of 4th Ave & Spring St, right in the alley of The Executive Hotel Pacific. Once again, Seattle Fire (@SeattleFire) bailed out another addict passed out on the ground. The city continues to average around 2-3 drug overdoses a day and this is an undercount. Even though more people are being saved because of NARCAN, look at the amount of resources it took to revive this fella. In other words, those little tiny NARCAN sprays don’t always work. This Read More ›

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Seattle Police Talk Homeless Woman Off of Freeway Ledge

Seattle Problems This bizarre encounter happened on I-5 Thursday during a busy evening commute in #Seattle. Witnesses say a homeless woman was wearing a clear plastic bag on her head and carrying sack full of vegetation. Cops showed up and tried to talk her off the ledge. She was also swinging some type of metal object. Just another day in the Emerald City. @GovInslee @kcexec @MayorofSeattle @KC_RHA @KCCouncil @SeattleCouncil @CMTammyMorales @CMSaraNelson @CMTMosqueda @D5Juarez Walked Her Off the Ledge It appears this situation was eventually resolved with no one seriously hurt. There are still dozens of encampments on @WSDOT properties in #Seattle. Ask any commuter. I see homeless people constantly crossing busy highways or walking in the breakdown lanes daily.

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Seattle Tourists Witness Overdose on the Sidewalk Downtown

Downtown Disaster Right after my segment about #Seattle‘s drug crisis aired Saturday evening with Dan Bongino (@UnfilteredOnFox), I did my weekly check in on 3rd Ave in downtown. Without fail, addicts were using meth and fentanyl in front of children and all the tourists. I saw tranq fentanyl wounds on users. One young man even overdosed! Once again I had to offer my NARCAN which I carry all the time. But thankfully, Seattle Police (@SeattlePD) officers had some on hand and saved his life. Next week, Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) will issue an Executive Order addressing the fentanyl and synthetic drug crisis. We’re also expecting a preview of the Downtown Activation Plan. But will this be enough to take back Read More ›

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Homeless Arson Suspect Appears in Court, Friends Say There are Two Sides to the Story

Homeless Arson Suspect in Court Thursday morning Arthur Arakelov faced a judge for the first time. He’s accused of torching dozens of boats in Lake Union last month and causing millions of dollars in damage. He pleaded not guilty. Meanwhile, #Seattle‘s homeless community remains in shock over these allegations and supporters say this was likely an accident. He’s being held on $100K bail and is due in court again later this month. @mayorofseattle @D5Juarez @kcexec @seattlecouncil @KCCouncil @GovInslee @CMSaraNelson @CMTMosqueda @seattlePD @SeattleFire More from SPD Body Cam It appears Arakelov was cooperative and wanted to get out of the cold. He was treated on site and taken to the hospital. #Seattle Surveillance Video Look at the orange glow. Authorities say Read More ›