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ship canal encampment man

Loss of Life at Ship Canal Bridge Encampment

Figure it Out That’s what parents and neighbors are demanding from state and city leaders after another violent incident at Ship Canal Bridge encampment in Wallingford. No end in sight. It’s been here more than a year. #Seattle @GovInslee @KC_RHA @WSDOT @WAStateCommerce @MayorofSeattle Homeless Death Tragic loss of life under Ship Canal Bridge encampment late Friday. Neighbors have been begging @wsdot @KC_RHA @WAStateCommerce to remove camp since last year. #Seattle can’t sweep, because it’s not city property. @MayorofSeattle Positive Signs Three empty houses were recently demolished on 5th Ave N. in Wallingford. Neighbors and city officials confirm homeless from Ship Canal Bridge encampment broke in to squat in those. Caused fire in one across street and accidentally burned it down. Read More ›

Capitol Hill Sweep

Authorities Sweep Capitol Hill, But Problematic Encampment Still Remains

More Work On Thursday city cleared encampments along E. Howell St. in Capitol Hill including one near Greek Orthodox Church with 3 people. But city did not include one that’s really problematic on 17th Ave. blamed for fires, drugs, and trash piles. Capitol Hill Crisis This is what it looked like for weeks leading up to Thursday’s sweep. And 17th Ave. is still a hot mess. Next Stretch Explosive growth of tents at 17th Ave and E. Howell St. First week of January, cops got called for “incendiary device.” Ended up being guy burning fire to stay warm. Camps remain major liability and drain on city.

Royal Brougham Encampment

At Long Last, Royal Brougham Homeless Encampment to Be Swept

Finally Happening After more than a year, sweep notices just went up at S. Royal Brougham Way encampment in SODO. Friday DEADLINE. But good news is outreach has been happening here for months and many people have taken housing options offered. Back in June 2022 I’ve been tracking Royal Brougham Way encampment for more than a year. It’s walking distance to the stadiums and is right outside the gates of the SODO Salvation Army. On other side, Airport Way encampment remains near BMW dealership.

A homeless people camp at the base of a bridge over the Willamette River in Portland Oregon
A homeless people camp at the base of a bridge over the Willamette River in Portland Oregon

Not Just Seattle: Homelessness Plaguing Major West Coast Cities

This is Portland @RJBalpha continuing his journey throughout West Coast/PNW. He says sweeps continue under @tedwheeler in #Portland, but homeless encampments continue to spread further out from Downtown core. Similar pattern developing in #Seattle. San Francisco is Dystopian @RJBalpha was also in Tenderloin neighborhood. Bay Area is one of wealthiest regions in America and epicenter of Big Tech. Yet this is what’s being allowed. Greetings from Los Angeles Homeless crisis is out of control on West Coast. @RJBalpha driving through parts of California this week and documenting. These are truly America’s slums. It looks like a war zone.

Comcast Encampment

Comcast Takes Matters Into Its Own Hands to Clear Encampment

Sweep On The Way Homeless encampment next to #Comcast building in N. #Seattle on notice. @CampSiteSeattle first to report “eco-blocks” sighting. Now campers tell me city will sweep sometime next week. Recently, cable giant was accused of blasting loud music to drive out campers. Put On Blast Last month @comcast accused of using SUPER LOUD classical music and “psychological warfare” to drive out homeless from problematic encampment in #Seattle. Few Months Ago Other streets along N.Aurora Ave. have homeless camps blocking sidewalks. This blind man had enough. @ADANational needs to scrutinize potential Americans w/ Disabilities Act violations caused by encampments in #Seattle. This Is Seattle In second video, blind man is struggling to walk through debris on sidewalk from homeless Read More ›

Homeless Thanksgiving Meal

Seattle Faith-Based Groups Help the Homeless on Thanksgiving

Year-Round Calling Many Americans enjoyed Thanksgiving with friends and family. But on Thursday, I followed multiple FAITH based groups and volunteers for one of their busiest days of the year in #Seattle, trying to help homeless by offering more than a meal. All In a Day Yes, I shot in less than two hours on Thanksgiving day. These encampments are nearby in SODO and Pioneer Sq, including problematic spot near #Seattle City Hall. @MayorofSeattle has done at least 10 sweeps here this year. Many are “trap tents” used for drugs. Happening Now Monday morning “blues” in downtown #Seattle as people smoke fentanyl. @MayorofSeattle w/probably dozen sweeps this year on 3rd Ave near City Hall. Many here say they are not Read More ›

Jay Inslee Presser

Governor Inslee’s Latest Update on WSDOT Homeless Encampments

Everett Mayor Blasting Inslee @MayorCassie writing a scathing letter directed @wsdot and @GovInslee, saying she was never consulted about HOMELESS HOTELS being set up in her city. Calling it “unacceptable burden.” Why does this playbook sound so familiar? Everett Mayor Disagrees Earlier this week, @GovInslee touted his Rights of Way Initiative saying there is “solid progress on this effort,” crediting @wsdot. But it’s becoming more apparent, cities like #Everett and @MayorCassie are not being consulted about HOMELESS HOTELS. Is This Really Progress? Since @GovInslee’s “Rights of Way Initiative” started earlier this year, @WAStateCommerce site appears to show less than a dozen removals so far. The most recent @WSDOT sweep in Northgate last week has not been added. Fuzzy Math @GovInslee Read More ›

Licton Springs Tents

Licton Spring’s ‘Clement Place’ Shows Seattle is Falling Behind on Homeless Crisis

Complaints Stacking Up Homeowners near @DESCSeattle‘s Clement Place (“HOUSING FIRST” model) have documented numerous problems caused by SOME residents including fella in this video. Fights, drugs, attempted burglary. Neighbors claim DESC building managers ignoring them. Imagine Living Next to This Homeowners say NOT everyone living at @DESCSeattle Clement Place is a MENACE to neighborhood. But there are some well known characters like this woman who goes on shouting sprees at all hours. I have reached out to DESC but still no response. Rough Year for Neighbors This past summer, I also reported extensively on MASSIVE homeless encampment out of control in front of @DESCSeattle Clement Place. At the time, neighbors weren’t sure if the homeless or DESC residents were causing Read More ›

Stop the Sweeps Protest

Activists Protest Encampment Sweeps Outside Seattle City Hall

Hell of a Juxtaposition At #Seattle City Hall, FAR LEFT activists+Stop The Sweeps want to DEFUND @MayorofSeattle‘s encampment sweep budget. One block over, it’s the Wild Wild West of tents, mental illness, and drug use on full display.

Sodo Rv Encampment

Despite Sweeps, RVs and Tents Return to SODO

Happening Now After city spent tons of money sweeping this encampment on 3rd Ave. S and Holgate St. this summer, even more tents/RV’s are back. Biz owners are furious it’s being ignored. Waiting for @MayorofSeattle @CMTammyMorales to respond. Where’s enforcement? Her Words Back in May when @MayorofSeattle unveiled plan to tackle #Seattle‘s homeless crisis, I point blank asked Deputy Mayor Tiffany Washington what they would do if campers returned to an area already cleared by city crews. She said they would try to remove within 2 days! Few Blocks Away City also removed RV’s and tents on Utah Ave S. in SODO. But literally the same RV’s/vehicles and some NEW tents are back. Biz owners say there is “SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT” Read More ›