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First Encampment Cleared Under Gov. Inslee’s ‘Rights-of-Way Initiative’ in Capitol Hill

Exclusive Video This morning, @WSDOT says this homeless encampment in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood was the first one cleared under @GovInslee Rights-of-Way Initiative, a state wide effort to finally clear encampments along the highway. More details coming up. Huge Initiative WA Dept. of Commerce controlling purse strings. Each county must submit proposal for types of services and housing needed to serve homeless on highways. King Co. requested just under $47 million for next year. @KC_RHA one of the providers. Outreach @KC_RHA says it worked with JustCARE for this effort today on state owned property. 4 people voluntarily moved into enhanced shelters with support services. The team is trying to help a 5th camper find shelter. Enforcement Last month, this is Read More ›

West Seattle Sweep

One of the Largest Cleanups of the Year Underway in West Seattle

Still Happening Now Easily one of the largest RV/vehicle/tent encampment clean ups in city this year. All going down on SW Andover St. next to West Seattle Health Club. Authorities have responded to multiple shootings, fires, reports of crimes associated with this encampment. Another Vantage Point This encampment along SW Andover St. in West Seattle stretches around the corner. This is by far the longest encampment made up of tents/RV’s/vehicles I have ever seen in the city. It keeps going into the residential neighborhoods and nearby park. Statement from West Seattle Health Club Many staff and members say they have been dealing with the brunt of problems associated with the encampment. But also say they want to make sure these Read More ›

Magnuson Park Sign

RVs and Other Vehicles Cleared in Magnuson Park

More Enforcement Multiple RV’s and vehicles cleared today at Magnuson Park in Seattle. This lot was filling up with trash and abandoned vehicles. I have been trying to get campers perspectives in my stories. But today, only this neighbor with a take on personal responsibility. From the City “Initial reports are all vehicles and RVs (approximately 10) relocated from Magnuson Park on their own with the exception of one with fire damage.” The HOPE Team was onsite but won’t know about shelter referrals until tomorrow. Vehicle Outreach Good to see Jenn Adams with the Scofflaw Mitigation Team out here trying to get campers some gas. This group gets financial support from @KC_RHA for it’s vehicle outreach efforts. Everyone here with Read More ›

Jackson Park Golf Course

Encampment Cleared at Jackson Park

Encampment Cleared Outside fence line at Jackson Park Golf Course in Seattle, one homeless camper says around 10 tents w/ 18 people living together were moved out today. But it’s unclear how many took shelter and services. This camper says some may resort to crime to survive. More Scheduled The city continues it’s march to clear homeless encampments on public right of ways. But it’s on the public to call them in. The city says crews are not proactively looking for encampments. They just respond. Not Interested Apparently there are open shelter beds for the homeless at Union Gospel Mission in Seattle. But Anthony says he is not going. Here are his reasons. Listen.

Tiffany Washington Presser

Seattle Deputy Mayor Provides More Details on Sweeps and Clearing Encampments

Official Confirmed Seattle Deputy Mayor Tiffany Washington also revealed tons of insight: –@SeattlePD will be at all encampment removals -City crews were attacked by far left activists -Sweep schedules will not be released to public because of far left activists. Criteria for Clearing This is what Seattle residents have been waiting for! But probably not what you expected. Deputy Mayor Washington laying out criteria for when city will respond to homeless encampments in neighborhoods for a sweep. Must listen to back and forth. Two Day Response Deputy Mayor Tiffany Washington now says there will be even more of an emphasis on using the Find It Fix It app. If encampment, tent, or RV’s been moved and it returns to, city Read More ›

Bruce Harrell Unveils Homeless Plan

Mayor Harrell Discusses Housing for Homeless

Clear Distinction @MayorofSeattle announced that most of the outreach, support services, shelter referrals, and anything to do with getting homeless into housing will now be in the hands of @KC_RHA. The Mayor’s office will still be handling encampment clearings and enforcement. Accountability It’s now very clear. All the questions about the hundreds of millions of dollars being poured into “housing first,” must now be directed at @KC_RHA. And CEO Marc Dones is asking for millions more for this plan. Who’s following the money trail and tracking results? City Outreach Still Happening Btw, @MayorofSeattle office will retain control of the HOPE Team, so shelter referrals and beds set aside for that team stay with the City.

Kinnear Park Vandalism

Activists Vandalize as Kinnear Park Encampment is Cleared

Lots of action earlier today at the Kinnear Park encampment clearing in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. Read More ›
Freeway Park

Homeless Encampment Cleared Near Seattle Convention Center

Another homeless encampment clearing in Seattle this morning, this time at Freeway Park near Seattle Convention Center. A homeless woman by the name of “Sunny” was offered a tiny house by outreach workers. But what if she refuses to take it? Read More ›