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Mayor Bruce Harrell on International District’s Crime Hot Spot

Exclusive One-on-one with Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) Sunday afternoon. He took some time out to talk after participating in the Seattle Slam Showdown basketball tournament for youth. It’s been a rough week on so many levels in the city. More shootings, robberies targeting Asians/non-English speaking immigrants, along with OPEN AIR DRUG USE AND DRUG MARKETS spiraling out of control in the city. But with limited time, I focused primarily on what’s in store for the troubled crime hot spot at 12th Ave & Jackson St in Chinatown-ID. Also, the intense criticism Councilmember Tammy Morales (@TammyMoralesSEA, @CMTammyMorales) is facing from her constituents and Councilmember Sara Nelson (@cmsaranelson.) In case you missed it last week, Nelson torched Morales’ failed FAR-LEFT policies and Read More ›


Victim in Critical Condition After Shooting Near Beacon Hill Homeless Encampment

Tammy Town is Breaking Another violent evening in South Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. Police say a 39 year old man is in critical condition after being shot Friday night near a homeless encampment on 25th Ave S. Neighbors have been complaining about this camp for months. CM Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales, @TammyMoralesSEA) continues to ignore the problem in her district and is actually against Mayor Bruce Harrell’s (@MayorofSeattle) encampment removal strategy. I still don’t know why the Mayor puts up with Morales. When will Morales come out to face her constituents about these concerns? Btw, where is the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (@KingCoRHA?) I actually went into the nearby deep woods and found dozens of tents and structures. Many of Read More ›


Disaster in Seattle’s Little Saigon

This is Depressing After a press conference this week calling out Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales, @TammyMoralesSEA) for failing her district on public safety, you would think she would be out here on a Saturday afternoon trying to re-assure her constituents. But she remains MIA. Once again, most of the insanity is at the corner of 12th Ave & Jackson St. I recorded several fentanyl deals happening in broad daylight, people passed out on the streets, and a woman who kept flashing people with her breasts. Then a fight broke out in front of Asian senior citizens going to the grocery store. By the way, the former Viet-Wah location is now being used as a homeless encampment and drug den. No Read More ›


“Where is Tammy Morales?” Asks Sara Nelson in International District

Dunking on Tammy With multiple open air drug dens and homeless encampments thriving in Chinatown-ID, Seattle council candidate Tanya Woo (@votetanyawoo) and CM Sara Nelson (@CMSaraNelson) teamed up to bring attention to this unfolding disaster in D2, also known as “Tammy Town.” But it quickly turned into a dunk fest on CM Tammy Morales (@TammyMoralesSEA @CMTammyMorales) and her failing record as a leader. Nelson totally picked her apart in an unprecedented take down. It got so bad, Morales actually responded to Nelson on social media. Here is Nelson’s entire monologue during Tuesday’s press conference. I sprinkled in a few highlights. By the way, I spend way too much time in the underbelly of this city. No on else has this Read More ›


Chinatown-ID Candidates Talk Defunding Police, Homelessness at Forum

Hot Topics Like so many neighborhoods in #Seattle, the conversations around public safety and homelessness usually dominate candidate forums. Chinatown-ID is no exception. This Asian American community in D2 continues to deal with a disproportionate amount of problems related to these issues. It’s evident what you will get under Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales, @TammyMoralesSEA.) She’s pretty much doubling down on the same ideology and approach. Tanya Woo (@votetanyawoo) and Margaret Elisabeth (@MargaretForSCC) are the insurgent candidates. Here’s the Q&A on HOMELESSNESS in FULL. *Check out the rest of this thread for other topics. Public Safety Varying viewpoints and takes on this issue. What’s working and what’s not for this neighborhood? Police Accountability Current D2 Councilmember Tammy Morales pledged to defund Read More ›

Tammy Town

An Update on “Tammy Town”

Update on Tammy Town Private security is now guarding the site of the former homeless encampment off Rainier Ave S. in Seattle, aptly named for Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales) who was not there to help her constituents for many months. This is private property slated for development. But will remain looking like a WAR ZONE and Third World Country for the next few days. It will take time to remove the trash and remaining vehicles. There needs to be a plan to get in front of these encampments before spiraling out of control. But that remains elusive. On Wednesday, outreach workers with the city, REACH, Salvation Army, and Urban League were on hand trying to track people and get them Read More ›

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Elderly Face Danger on Public Transportation in International District’s Black Market

Failing Neighborhood How can the city of #Seattle allow drug addicts to take over #Chinatown-ID? 12th Ave and Jackson St. is out of control on Tuesday evening. It isn’t even a weekend night, but the black market of stolen goods is lit! Large cans of Almond Roca for $2 dollars. Rib eye steaks being sold for $5 bucks a piece. Fentanyl foil everywhere. People zonked out of their minds. Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales) has given up on this part of her district. Meanwhile, I had to escape on to a King County Metro bus after some enraged dudes started coming at me. This is truly “TAMMY TOWN.” When is it Going to Stop? That’s what Asian American senior citizens in Read More ›

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Encampment Grows on Burned Down Burger King Property

Tammy Town Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales) continues to ignore the homeless encampment off Rainier Ave S and Plum St that’s spiraling out of control. As of Wednesday evening, I counted 15 tents and 13 vehicles on the grounds of the former Burger King and 7-11 that recently burned down. New people keep moving in. Drug use is rampant and there are signs this is turning into a chop shop for bicycles. At the same time, there are babies on the premises and kids playing catch. Overall, everyone is chill. But most homeless people here are rejecting the shelter options being offered. They want tiny homes, apartments, or an RV lot. This is the on-going narrative at a lot of these Read More ›

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Homelessness Crisis Continues in Chinatown Encampments

Latest Chinatown Encampment Oh boy, here we go again. Dearborn St. continues to be a hot spot for pop up encampments. On one side, you have multiple tents and structures on Washington State Dept. of Transportation (@wsdot) property. On the other, rows of RV’s and piles of wooden pallets now being constructed into shelters. There’s also tons of trash and needles piling up everywhere. Open air drug use remains out of control. I’ve been to sweeps in this hood at least a dozen times in the past year. Thursday evening, I recognized some of the same homies. Some new faces, but mostly veterans like Tong and Yung. Some folks have been placed into hotel rooms and are making solid progress. Read More ›

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Seattle Councilmember Tammy Morales Dodges Questions on Homeless Crisis

Exclusive Finally tracked down D2 Councilmember Tammy Morales (@CMTammyMorales.) She’s been dodging me all year. I simply asked some basic questions on behalf of her constituents in the #Chinatown-ID, still dealing with a crush of crime and open air drug use. The homeless crisis is spreading into South Seattle neighborhoods, especially off Rainier Ave S. But she continues to be MIA on these issues. SODO also remains a mess before the Major League Baseball ALL-Star game but I didn’t have time to ask her about that since she ran off. Morales seems unfazed about canidates running for her city council seat. By the way, first time dealing with Evelyn Chow. She’s one of Tammy’s handlers and is now using the, Read More ›