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Governor Candidate Semi Bird Reacts to Seattle’s Fentanyl Crisis

Top Priorities Republican gubernatorial candidate Semi Bird (@bird4governor) says he’s moving away from failed “housing first” and “harm reduction” policies if he wins in WA. Recently, I walked with him through encampments in Seattle and watched as he collaborated with several faith based outreach groups in the city. Bird is an evangelical Christian. I also got a preview of some of his top priorities which includes mobilizing the National Guard to build drug addiction and mental health treatment facilities outside busy urban cores. Bird has skin in the game after losing his nephew to a drug overdose and says he will intervene and require treatment for addicts living on the streets. As for his competition, Bird is already taking shots Read More ›


Homeless Encampment Features Bubble Car Garage

Where are they now? Last month, Governor Jay Inslee (@GovInslee) took a victory lap after spending millions of dollars to close down the Myers Way encampment(with the swimming pool) and house many of the homeless for the next year. But some of them are now spending time at a new West Seattle encampment nearby doing drugs and simply hanging out. For the past few weeks, I followed and interviewed these men and women. It was a rare glimpse into what happens after someone exits an encampment. Many of them are thankful for the apartments. But they also say the building is like a “sterile warehouse” with “no community” and “too many rules.” They also say cameras and security are constantly Read More ›


Washington state spends $143 MILLION to get 126 out of homelessness—now Jay Inslee is asking for more

“That’s the equivalent of spending… $1,137,256 per person to exit homelessness.” By Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe Despite spending over $1.1 million for each of the only 126 people who transitioned out of homelessness, Washington Democrat Governor Jay Inslee claimed that his initiative for removing encampments from state land and getting people into housing requires more money in order to continue. Inslee has failed to adequately address the state’s homeless crisis, which has grown exponentially during his more than a decade in office. Friday, during a photo op at a tiny home village in Olympia, Inslee touted his Rights of Way Safety Initiative (ROW), a program that since last summer has attempted to remove encampments from state land, including from the sides of freeways, Read More ›


Inslee Defends Spending $1mil Per Person for Exit From Homelessness

Crunching the Numbers Monday afternoon, Governor Jay Inslee (@GovInslee) took a victory lap, taking credit for clearing the Myers Way encampment in West Seattle. However, some of the elderly neighbors at the Arrowhead Apts across the street say it’s too little too late after months of crime, open air drug use, and other issues spilling into the neighborhood. With that said, I was really there to confront Inslee about the rising cost of his Rights of Way Initiative launched in 2022. By the Gov’s own estimates, they have spent around $135 million to close 30 encampments and place 870 people into temporary housing. Without getting too wonky, one of the most important categories on the WA State Dept of Commerce’s Read More ›


Staunch Democrat Explains Disappointment in Seattle’s Leadership

Arguably Worst Month for Governor Jay Inslee July was a total disaster when it comes to the homeless crisis exploding on Washington State Dept. of Transportation (@wsdot) right of ways. National media picked up on the insanity being built on WSDOT properties like the notorious West Seattle swimming pool, homeless cave/underground tunnel system, and EWOK Village in the trees. Making matters worse, this week a DRUG WAR involving homemade BOMBS caused one of the largest explosions in downtown Seattle along I-5. The Mayor of Seattle had to go in and clear the encampment since it was taking the state way too long to address this emergency. And there are still more than 2K encampments on state right of ways with Read More ›

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Mayor Bruce Harrell Responds to Encampment Inferno

Officials Respond to Encampment Inferno Monday morning, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) spoke publicly for the first time about the I-5 fire last week on a WSDOT (@wsdot) right of way in downtown. The Mayor would not go into details, but I could tell he was frustrated as he tries to maintain a positive working relationship with state agencies. The city continues to make progress with illegal camping, but the ones on WSDOT properties are being cleared at a much slower rate. As for this ARSON investigation, multiple sources say it was related to a DRUG TURF WAR. Two fellas were allegedly selling drugs out of tents and got into a beef. One guy retaliated by tossing an “accelerant,” causing Read More ›

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Homeless Encampment Infernos Rage, Governor Inslee Refuses to Address Issue

Oh Boy WSDOT (@wsdot) and Gov. Jay Inslee (@GovInslee) are now dealing w/another out of control fire at a homeless encampment entrenched on a state right of way. There have already been multiple infernos at this downtown #Seattle location. @MayorofSeattle (video from Jeremy Harris) WSDOT Was Warned Look at this inferno back in March near the same spot. According state data, there are more than 2000 homeless encampments on state right of ways, many still in #Seattle. At what point does @MayorofSeattle step in. Questionnable Pace These encampment situations are out of control, even after millions of dollars poured into clearings and housing. That’s why I keep asking Governor Jay Inslee (@GovInslee) about the timelines for removals. But right now, Read More ›

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Homeless Hotel Opens in Lacey

Up and Running The former Lacey Days Inn is now called Maple Court, the latest property converted into a homeless hotel to house people living along I-5 in #ThurstonCounty. Wednesday afternoon, Governor Jay Inslee (@GovInslee) and city leaders from #Olympia, #Lacey, and #Tumwater showed up for the ribbon cutting ceremony. So far, 16 men and women along with their pets are now in this temporary shelter. More homeless people from various encampments on WSDOT properties will be filling up this place in the coming weeks as part of the Right of Way Initiative. Up to 125 will be staying here. It will be run by the Low Income Housing Institute (@LIHIhousing,) known for it’s “tiny house” villages. This facility will Read More ›

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International District Business Owners Welcome Encampment Clearing After Crime and Violence

Breaking Washington State Dept. of Transportation finally SWEEPING two notorious #Chinatown-ID encampments on Tuesday. One at King St. and the other on Jackson St. All on @WSDOT property. These camps have been linked to drug deals, fires, a meth lab explosion, shootings, overdose deaths and other crimes. Residents and biz owners have heavily criticized @KC_RHA CEO Marc Dones for slow outreach due to his “housing first” ideology, disappointed in Mayor Bruce Harrell (@MayorofSeattle) for not taking control from the state sooner, and say Gov. Jay Inslee( @GovInslee) should not be taking a victory lap since he allowed situation to flourish for so long. Summit Sierra High School students also walked through this insanity for nearly a year. This Asian American Read More ›