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Union Gospel Mission


Governor Candidate Semi Bird Reacts to Seattle’s Fentanyl Crisis

Top Priorities Republican gubernatorial candidate Semi Bird (@bird4governor) says he’s moving away from failed “housing first” and “harm reduction” policies if he wins in WA. Recently, I walked with him through encampments in Seattle and watched as he collaborated with several faith based outreach groups in the city. Bird is an evangelical Christian. I also got a preview of some of his top priorities which includes mobilizing the National Guard to build drug addiction and mental health treatment facilities outside busy urban cores. Bird has skin in the game after losing his nephew to a drug overdose and says he will intervene and require treatment for addicts living on the streets. As for his competition, Bird is already taking shots Read More ›

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Drug Market Comes Roaring Back After Seattle Pride Parade

It’s a Zoo The Seattle Pride Parade (@OurSeattlePride) shine has already worn off in downtown #Seattle. The drug market has come roaring back on 3rd Ave & Pike St. Tuesday evening, it was good to see volunteers with Union Gospel Mission (@SeattlesUGM) right in the thick of things, trying to help the homeless and addicts out here. Why isn’t the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (@KingCoRHA) deploying more workers out here? I wonder if Councilmember Andrew Lewis (@cmandrewjlewis) regrets his NO vote on the drug bill that would have given City Attorney Ann Davison(@_ann_davison) the power to prosecute this type of open air drug use and bring back some accountability to the city. Major League Baseball All-Star Game (@mlb) is Read More ›

Homeless Thanksgiving Meal

Seattle Faith-Based Groups Help the Homeless on Thanksgiving

Year-Round Calling Many Americans enjoyed Thanksgiving with friends and family. But on Thursday, I followed multiple FAITH based groups and volunteers for one of their busiest days of the year in #Seattle, trying to help homeless by offering more than a meal. All In a Day Yes, I shot in less than two hours on Thanksgiving day. These encampments are nearby in SODO and Pioneer Sq, including problematic spot near #Seattle City Hall. @MayorofSeattle has done at least 10 sweeps here this year. Many are “trap tents” used for drugs. Happening Now Monday morning “blues” in downtown #Seattle as people smoke fentanyl. @MayorofSeattle w/probably dozen sweeps this year on 3rd Ave near City Hall. Many here say they are not Read More ›


Union Gospel Mission Helps Homeless Community Stay Cool During Seattle’s Heat Wave

Scorching Hot Week Incredible effort RIGHT NOW by Seattle’s homeless outreach community. Especially @SeattlesUGM. This faith based group is mobilizing volunteers and hitting the streets, passing out water and supplies. They’ve got some PRO TIPS if you want to help. Pro Tips If you run into a homeless person on the street during HEAT WAVE, @SeattlesUGM says be ready with following: 1) Bottles of water 2) Gift card to an air-conditioned restaurant Contact UGM if you think someone is ready to get off streets. Cooling Centers @KC_RHA also has a solid list of places to refer homeless folks. Working on Story Also dropping next week, RARE look into extremely vital work @SeattlesUGM is doing on Seattle’s streets. They call Read More ›

Jackson Park Golf Course

Encampment Cleared at Jackson Park

Encampment Cleared Outside fence line at Jackson Park Golf Course in Seattle, one homeless camper says around 10 tents w/ 18 people living together were moved out today. But it’s unclear how many took shelter and services. This camper says some may resort to crime to survive. More Scheduled The city continues it’s march to clear homeless encampments on public right of ways. But it’s on the public to call them in. The city says crews are not proactively looking for encampments. They just respond. Not Interested Apparently there are open shelter beds for the homeless at Union Gospel Mission in Seattle. But Anthony says he is not going. Here are his reasons. Listen.