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Union Gospel Mission Helps Homeless Community Stay Cool During Seattle’s Heat Wave

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Scorching Hot Week

Incredible effort RIGHT NOW by Seattle’s homeless outreach community. Especially @SeattlesUGM. This faith based group is mobilizing volunteers and hitting the streets, passing out water and supplies. They’ve got some PRO TIPS if you want to help.

Pro Tips

If you run into a homeless person on the street during HEAT WAVE, @SeattlesUGM says be ready with following: 1) Bottles of water 2) Gift card to an air-conditioned restaurant Contact UGM if you think someone is ready to get off streets.

Cooling Centers

@KC_RHA also has a solid list of places to refer homeless folks.

Working on Story

Also dropping next week, RARE look into extremely vital work @SeattlesUGM is doing on Seattle’s streets. They call this faith in action. I have seen a lot covering the homeless crisis in this city, but they got me beat. RAW look at realities but also the HOPE.