Ballard RV
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SDOT Sweeps Ballard RV Encampment, But Struggles with Enforcement

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Seattle RV Shuffle Continues

I first told you about Ballard’s “Double Decker” RV last year+how neighbors complained about loud noise/music coming from this vehicle. After @SeattleDot enforcement, owner moved on…but just around the corner.

City of Blocks

Even after @SeattleDot does RV encampment removal, I personally witnessed dozens of RV owners simply move down street. So is this the strategy? Tire everyone out w/sweeps, hoping they don’t return? Until that gets figured out, eco block biz is THRIVING.

Business is Booming

Concrete “eco-blocks” cost $20-$30 bucks a piece. It’s cheap cause these are considered “scrap.” But here’s the catch, you have to transport these things yourself. Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel ain’t the only game in town. But being in Ballard they are the go to.

What Will the New SDOT Head Honcho Do About the Blocks?

If confirmed by@SeattleCouncil to lead @seattledot what will Greg Spotts do about this?