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One Day of Service and Revitalization

What a day following @MayorofSeattle and volunteers across the city as they cleaned up trash, removed graffiti, and made a massive difference during the inaugural “One Seattle Day of Service.” Read More ›
graffiti on wall
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Overwhelmed by Graffiti, Seattle Citizens Step In To Help

Seattle is so overwhelmed by graffiti that it can take the city's five-member task force several weeks to respond to a report of graffiti on public property. Some Seattle citizens have begun spending their own time and money to help clean up their neighborhoods. Read More ›
hearts carved from a piece of bread on a wooden table
hearts carved from a piece of bread on a wooden table
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Partner with Us for Real Solutions to the Homelessness Crisis

We work to educate the public about who the homeless are, the problems spawned by homelessness, why homelessness is occurring, and what can be done about it. Our goal is to instill hope in every reader — that despite the size of the problem, solutions exist. Read More ›