Homeless Thanksgiving Meal
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Seattle Faith-Based Groups Help the Homeless on Thanksgiving

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Year-Round Calling

Many Americans enjoyed Thanksgiving with friends and family. But on Thursday, I followed multiple FAITH based groups and volunteers for one of their busiest days of the year in #Seattle, trying to help homeless by offering more than a meal.

All In a Day

Yes, I shot in less than two hours on Thanksgiving day. These encampments are nearby in SODO and Pioneer Sq, including problematic spot near #Seattle City Hall. @MayorofSeattle has done at least 10 sweeps here this year. Many are “trap tents” used for drugs.

Happening Now

Monday morning “blues” in downtown #Seattle as people smoke fentanyl. @MayorofSeattle w/probably dozen sweeps this year on 3rd Ave near City Hall. Many here say they are not homeless and live in nearby @DESCSeattle properties like Morrison and Lyon building. Just chillin.