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Two Seattle Encampments Go Up in Flames in Two Days

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Back to Back Infernos

The homeless crisis is exploding out of control on Seattle’s state highways and there’s no end in sight. Tuesday morning’s encampment fire started on WSDOT (@wsdot) property near 10th Ave & Jackson St, right at the border of SODO and Chinatown-ID. I went inside and found a hidden city with multiple structures. Everyone was doing fentanyl. The day before, another encampment went up in flames right across the street.

Word is getting out into the community that WSDOT will not sweep. A few months ago, Gov. Inslee (@GovInslee) pretty much admitted they’re out of money. That’s because they keep wasting resources on the failed “housing first” approach instead of enforcing no camping bans. The Gov thinks no one should be removed unless they get a tiny house or an apartment. Ain’t happening and it’s pie in the sky. So now the homeless are setting up shop on state right of ways knowing they’re untouchable. Again, this is WSDOT’s jurisdiction and the state’s responsibility. Expect more fires as the colder months approach.

WSDOT’s Response is Telling:

Here It Is

The failure to properly address WA’s homeless crisis will forever be a part of Gov Inslee’s legacy. Can’t build your way out of this situation if the roots causes are drug addiction, mental illness, and broken relationships. #Seattle